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Posted on: Thu, 12/27/2007 - 10:58am
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Hi everyone! I was bored at work today so decided to cruise around and try to dig up some info for my son's peanut allergy.

I have a mild milk allergy, that used to be severe as a child but no other food allergies. I can tolerate dairy that has been "processed", ie cheese, yogurt, etc., but would have big problems if i tried to have a bowl of cereal with milk on it. besides, never having milk on cereal as a kid seeing someone eat it with milk honestly grosses me out.. but thats besides the point.

When i was about 6 months pregnant, i started having symptoms of allergies, i chalked it up to just comsuming too much milk products, so i laid off that, but the symptoms continued. stupid me but it took awhile to realize what was happening - i had developed a peanut allergy. the first time i noticed it was while eating PB fudge. so that was the suspicion, but fudge has ocndensed milk... well after having a moderate reaction to peanut brittle i realized it was peanuts... *duh* so i went to an allergist who actually would not perform tests because i was preg, but did prescripe an epipen for emergencies. so anyways, had a sneaking suspicion that maybe baby was allergic, but allergist said no, its likely an pollen oral allergy, i guess where pollen in the air causes you to react differently to foods?

well, mom's instinct was correct, my son is pretty allergic. i ate pn after i had him with absolutley no problems to me, but didnt want to risk it so just made my home pn free. it must have been his 1 or 2 mo well baby appointment, because right after i went home and had a spoonful of nutella. since i didnt develop TNA i figured that was ok, i thought it was hazelnut. WRONG. didnt think anything of it til i noticed big red welts on DS face and immediatley realized i had kissed all over his cheeks. no breathing problems or swelling in his mouth, just skin irritation so called ped for him to be seen... was told to just be really careful from now on... well i didnt know how careful was really careful... few weeks later, ate a pb cup while ds was napping, washed hands in SCALDING hot water with 2 kinds of soap. 30 min later made bottle, and held finger over nipple to shake it up... gave him bottle, burped and he fell asleep on my chest. started to wheeze and when i pulled him away from me, i was covered in drool and tongue was swollen all inside his mouth.

soo.... gave him benadryl and rushed to ER. was fairly certain that CPS was going to take him away for a variety of reasons, nonetheleast of which was i was bringing in a less than 3 month old for a PNA. also, when ur brand new baby is having a hard time breathing, the last thing u think about is changing diaper before you go. andhis clothes were too small - he was just growing out of 0-3m and i hadnt pulled the next size up, his onesie didnt even snap in the crotch. so on top of the anxiety of what was happening, i honestly thought they were going to take him away. long story short, i LOVE the er doc, he was INCREDIBLE. gave him a dose of decadrine or something along those lines, in his mouth.. he spent 40 min on the phone w/ cdc, poison control, the oncall pediatrician, pharmacists.. ANYONE he could think of and i was soooo impressed by that, it felt like he REALLY dedicated a lot of himself to my son and his needs, i cant even say how impressed i was. he explained that he was writing a script for epi jr, but to be careful in using it (obviously) bc the doses arent based on age as you all prob know, but by weight... and even the epi jr had over 2.5x the dose for his weight... but better than the alternative...

anyways... i dont want to be one of those overly neurotic parents who doesnt let their kid eat anything from anywhere else or eat out or have him live in a bubble. HOWEVER.. he is only 9m old, and obviously cant communicate any symptoms, etc., so i have to be pretty careful....

i guess im just wondering - how careful is too careful? home is peanut free. when i eat out i always ask about peanut oil, etc.... i babysat for a PA child who's parents allowed foods made and manufactured on equipment, etc... occasionally i will eat something with PN in it if ill be away from baby for awhile (and wash wash wash hands of course!)...

also in introducing new foods, im curious... do you hold off on shellfish, strawberies, etc., because of potential allergic reactions, or to prevent an allergy from forming? im not careful in handling of any other foods, including TN, shellfish, etc., but DS hasnt had a reaction so would it be okay to introduce?

Posted on: Thu, 12/27/2007 - 11:08pm
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First, I have to laugh because it seems every time I have made any kind of er visit(all non pa) at least one family member looks a complete mess.
To answer questions:
You can never be too careful, this is your child's life.
Introducing foods? Always one at a time, no matter the new food. As for fish, I would wait.
Now to your other post!

Posted on: Thu, 12/27/2007 - 11:53pm
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My DS was diagnosed really early too. We don't have any allergies in our family but my DS got really bad eczema starting right around a month old. After some research and finding eczema is a lot of time related to a food allergy I assumed it would be dairy as it was the most common. So I removed ALL dairy and dairy by-products from my diet. Meanwhile I was breastfeeding and eating PB&J's all the time with my 4yo DS. At 4 months I convinced his pedi to have him allergy tested.
We did the SPT (skin prick test) and he showed neg for everything but had a really big (9mm+) wheal for his pn. Since then we have made our house pn/tr free just to be on the safe side. From everything I have read if you lessen exposure as much as possible while they are young they can have a greater chance of outgrowing it. My little guy also wears a bright red braclet that says PEANUT ALLERGY on it in big white block letters. He is at the stage where he is such a charmer I don't want someone just handing him food.
I personally just behave as though I have a pn allergy too. I have to right now anyways because I'm still breastfeeding but even after he is weaned I will still not eat anything he can't eat. Especially since he is too little to talk or make it clear about his allergies so when we are eating out if I act like I have a pa it will just make me that much more cautious about what food he gets.
At home he has issues with textures as far as table foods go so that has been a slow process for us. I'm like you though and get so nervous about giving him new foods. Label reading has practically become a hobby! LOL! Just do one food at a time for a few days and make sure there is no reaction then move onto the next food. It is nerve-wracking though!

Posted on: Fri, 12/28/2007 - 3:07am
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thank you both for the warm welcome.
im convinced that all he has is pna - we do have TN in the house and he has never had any sort of reaction to contact with that.. and cross contamination trace amounts dont seem to bother him, but i guess i should be more careful.. what i didnt realize is that pna can cause gi problems? i thought the only reaction was anaphalactic... thats interesting, i didnt know that at all. before first reaction, and even after when i would eat pbj at work and then breastfeed at night, he didnt have any problems thru breastmilk, the allergist even recommended continuing to breastfeed even after pn if it wasnt bothering him. we eat out fairly often without any reaction, even at places like sweet tomatos, which has a bowl of pn by the ice cream. obviously hes too young for ice cream, but i feed him pretty much everything else, fresh raw veg's, fruits (any kind, altho mango seems to not digest well - i make all his babyfood homemade fresh), chx noodle soup, pastas, etc. (after making sure no pn oil is used of course!)...
so,other than those 2, he hasnt had any, and thank goodness but ive never had to use the epi, and hope to never have to. i guess its just frustrating because he wouldnt even be able to tell me if something was wrong so he gets watched like a hawk.

Posted on: Sat, 12/29/2007 - 11:27pm
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Hello there and welcome. To answer your question, I would hold off on introducing the following foods until your son old enough to get an allergy/blood test. He will need a lead screening test around age 1. At the same time (since they are already in there taking out the blood sample) ask your doctor to permit a RAST blood test for the top 8 allergens (wheat, treenut, peanut, soy, milk, egg, shellfish, fish and toss in sesame just for giggles).
I would hold off introducing the following until this time...whole milk, soy milk, bread. See what the test says then determine what you can introduce and when. My son at age one tested slightly positive for egg and treenuts and was very positive for peanut.
We did not introduce egg until he was 3 years old and nuts until he was 5. And this was after 2 more tests that showed that he was not allergic.

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