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Hi, I'm new ( to this website, my computer, E mail, PA and TA, etc.) WOW! You all are a Godsend to me. I have not slept since August when our ,then, 4 1/2 year old had an anaphylactic reaction and ended up in the ER. He has out grown his serious allergies to milk and eggs, but now is PA and TA. He also is asthmatic, has several environmental allergies, and has an IgA deficiency. Reading all of your wonderful messages has answered a lot of our questions, but at the same time, has raised a lot of questions! I've heard a lot of conflicting info. about Brach Candies. Wondering what some of you think or have heard. We keep our home completely nut and peanut free. Call me over protective, but if we have the slightest doubt about a product ( food, cosmetics,lotions, etc.) it's not invited into our home. I feel bad sometimes that our two daughters (3 years and 1 year) cannot have peanut and nut products, but they are real troopers! I think I'm rambling on here, sorry. I just feel so overwhelmed! Anyway, if anyone can help me with Brachs I'd appreciate it. Last night I read the Pilsbury thing and almost choked! I didn't know they aren't a safe company. Thanks for the info! Victoria

On Feb 17, 2001

Victoria- I understand how you are feeling about being overwhelmed. Things have become much more calm (I am not relaxed but it is great knowing my own comfort levels) now that we have been dealing with this for more than a year. I am very strict as to what we purchase and if there is a chance then it is a big NO. From what I understand Brach's does not label with a warning even though there is peanut products in their facility. There is a thread here regarding Brach's under Manufacturer's I believe. My friend, however, purchased a bag of Brach's candy for Valentines Day and it was labeled with a warning. I am pleasantly surprised after some of the comments people had from them.

I do agree about how I sometimes feel guilty because my two year old son can not eat PB&J sandwiches. He asks me sometimes when we are at a store, "Me eat that? It not have peeeeanuts?" He is extremely lactose intolerant so there is a lot he can not eat but his older brother can have it. Life is unfair and my children are learning that early!

Naomi - and welcome!

On Feb 18, 2001

Hi, Victoria! Glad to see you found the discussion boards - now we can talk here as well!

Brach's has a bad rep. for not labeling candy that is at risk for cross-contamination. According to many who have called the company they are not inclined to do so unless "legally required to." No Brach's stuff is in my house.

My house is our only safety zone. No peanut or nut containing products or even "may contain" allowed. I like having one place that I know no food can hurt David. My daughter who is 2 fully understands why she can't eat these things too and loves her brother and watches out for him - even pointing out peanut products on TV!

Glad to have you close by - and welcome to the boards.

On Feb 18, 2001

Thank-you for responding, Naomi and Becky! I tried to find the "thread" in Manufacturers, but no luck. Like I said, I'm new to all of this. I don't even understand the Internet lingo yet. (Yes, I've been living in the dark!) I definitely will continue to avoid all Brachs candies, but I think I'll call them on Monday just to hear what they have to say. I have another question if anyone is interested. My son's preschool informed all the parents of the students in his class of his allergies and how to keep his class peanut and tree nut free. Twice in writing, three times verbally. Of course, there has been several times (6+) the treat for the day (which the parents take turns providing) had "may contain" labels, but were ignored. Sorry, I'm rambling again. Back to the question, one of the moms completely ignores my greetings and avoids me like the plague! I talked to the teacher about it a couple of weeks ago. She said she thinks the mom is just really afraid of Mick's allergy and is afraid of accidently exposing him. I do appreciate her concern, but I feel that's a strange way to show it. I would like to talk to her, but I'm not sure of the approach. I tend to take the bull by the horns, I don't want to make matters worse, I'd like to make her feel more comfortable so we all can. Mick has even noticed that she hasn't said "hi" back. Thanks again for everything. I finally feel like I have a place to go where I'm understood! Peanut and Tree nut Free Wishes to All, Victoria

On Feb 18, 2001

Victoria- I have no real advice regarding how to handle the situation at school. I homeschool Jacob so don't deal with that situation daily but I still do at least weekly if not several times a day.

I wanted to let you know that I brought the thread about Brach's up to the top under Manufacturer's.

On Feb 18, 2001

Naomi, Thank-you for finding the Brachs thread for me! I can hardly wait to call them tomorrow! I'm anxious to hear if anything has changed since then. Thanks for the bonus, too. (The recipe, I love to bake and cook.) I think I'll sit and simmer on the school issue for now so I don't do more harm than good. Thanks again, Victoria