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My sister recently had an allergic reaction to peanuts while eating a cheese pizza with her friends at Boston Pizza. Her friend ordered the Thai pizza which has some type of peanut sauce on it and it does say that on the menu.

The pizzas were cut with the same cutter resulting in cross contamination. The reaction started before even finishing the first slice. She tried to explain the situation to the waiter who basically said it was her own fault.

A couple of days later she went back to talk to the manager just to explain what happened and to try to tell them that there should be labels on the front doors and label on the menu and maybe even wash the cutters in between cutting pizza's. The managers response was that it was her own fault and did not seem concerned.

I also am allergic to peanuts and have eatin at Boston Pizza a few times and never thought something like this could happen.

I am now writing a letter to Boston Pizza, and the local newpaper to explain the situation to try to raise awareness about this. Does anyone have any sugestions or ideas on what I should include? I would hate to see this happen to someone else and I'm just trying to show them that this is a very serious allergy.

Best Regards, Chad.

On Oct 29, 2004

Wow! I am soooo disapppointed to hear that. I'm also very glad I've stuck to my rule of not eating pizza at Boston Pizza. I wondered if the cross contamination with that Thai pizza could happen. Sounds like it can. [img][/img]

I always just eat the lasagna and spinach salad. Also, every Boston Pizza I've ever eaten at (and I've eaten at a lot), I always mention my allergy and I've experienced great awareness on their part. Did the person who had the reaction mention their allergy when ordering the cheese pizza? If so, that might have alerted them to ensure using a clean cutter. I've had many restaurant folks tell me they were glad I informed them of my allergy so they could let the chefs know to use clean/fresh pans and utensils.

So, maybe you could mention that in your letter...that the allergic person can take their precautions, but then the restaurant has to do their part? That might be better than just accusing them of not knowing anything at all about PA, but I believe they do and they train their folks generally pretty well.

Best of luck.


On Nov 18, 2004

Chad........any word on Boston pizza reply?

On Nov 18, 2004

I made up a letter and sent it to my sister to make sure all the facts where right. She hasn't gotten back to me yet.

On Aug 16, 2006

I have noticed some Boston Pizzas have opened in Quebec recently. Has anyone had some positive results there?

On Aug 16, 2006

I live in Montreal, Quebec. I have never eaten at any of them. About 5 years ago, while on vacation in Whistler, B.C I walked into a Boston Pizza. At the time they told me that I should not eat there. I appreciated their honesty, and therefore will never eat there again.

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On Aug 18, 2006

We eat at BP all the time with PA DS (most recently the Whistler one). We have never had a problem, the staff are always very careful and helpful.

By melmcqua on Dec 30, 2011

We have avoided pizza at Boston Pizza because the dough may contain nuts. I was surprised by this as I had heard others talk positively of their experience at this restaurant.