Boston Market- call to get Peanuts off Menu


Call Now to get Peanuts off the menu at Boston Market Restraunts. They introduced a Peanut dipping sauce. I called their headquarters and they said they would consider taking it off the menu if they received enough negative feedback. So, CALL 1-800-365-7000 and request that they remove the Peanut Thai dipping sauce off the menu so that families with PA can eat there with out the risks of coming into contact with the deadly allergen. Thanks!!!!! Pass this on to your family and friends to call too!

On Sep 23, 2003

The last time we ate at Boston Market my dd had a reaction. They have other nut products in their facility other than the peanut dipping sauce. They would also need to get rid of the desserts. We don't go there anymore. Seems that they could care less.