Boston area support group


I have a 3 year old DS with multiple food allergies. (Also 2 other children). I am finding this harder and harder to deal with (diagnosed at 4 months). I have no family in area. Friend and babysitters do not understand. Would like to meet some other families in Newton area. Are there support groups in the area??

On Mar 13, 2005

Dear Heather11, I am on the South Shore, and have a DS who will be 3 next week. He also has multiple food allergies (peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, sesame) but has outgrown several others. Over a year ago I tried to start a "safe" playgroup"-posted flyers in his allergists office, and also at Children's Hospital. Only one person called. It is very hard, and unless you are walking the walk, people don't fully understand what life is like on a daily basis. I'll be glad to talk with you further if it's not too far. Have a friend in Norwood who also has a DS (4 y.o.) w/multiple food allergies. We will be relocating to Florida soon-our house went on the market Friday. Keep your chin up-there are a lot of people around here dealing with the same thing.

On Apr 4, 2005

Hi Heather, I just read your post today, so I'm sorry for the delayed response. My 3 yr. old son has PA. I live in Brookline/Chestnut Hill and I would be happy to talk to you or meet with you.


On Apr 14, 2005

I'm on the south shore and looking to move back to the north shore, I would love together with other MASS parents.

Let's organize a dinner- what do you say?


On Apr 16, 2005

Any boston area parents interested? I emailed them for info already.


Saturday, September 24, 2005 Registration: 9:00 a.m. Walk: 10:00 a.m. Park: Borderland State Park Sharon/Easton, MA Distance: Approximately 3 miles



On Apr 18, 2005

I think Ann/I are doing it.. but I have to contact them, and some fa friends families...


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