Bosco Sticks?


Has anyone had a reaction to Bosco Sticks? I have had two, one two hours after eating two of the sticks and then another time after eating a chicken crispito that was packed in a Bosco Sticks wrapper. I've emailed the Bosco Company twice and never had an answer. I

On Jul 31, 2006

Is Bosco an actual brand? I could have sworn that's just the slag they used the cheese-filled breadsticks in Iowa, since both the cafeteria and local restaurants had them labelled that way.

I'd be really excited if they were an actual brand, because I *loved* those things! I never read the ingredients on them though (I know, bad me).

I never reacted to them, obviously, which begs the question that if you got them from a restaurant, could they have been x-contaminated at the store? Or could you have trouble with garlic or another spice? Or trouble with an overload of cheese or grease? I had some stomach problems with them sometimes when I ate too many, because my IBS can't handle too much of cheesey or greasy things.

On Jul 31, 2006

Bosco sticks are made by the Bosco Company. We sell them in the high school cafeteria where I work. I buy them from Market Day which shows them as being peanut free on their website. We have never had a problem. They are yummy especially with butter and garlic seasoning.

On Jul 31, 2006

I have often thought there must be a cross contamination problem with the store since I've looked on the Bosco website and not found anything in the ingredients list that should bother me. The store owner says they never have shrimp (my other allergy) in the store and that no peanut products are near the preparation area. I had also wondered about storage cross contamination issue with the supplier since I am very susceptible to shrimp. I had wondered about the Bosco wrappers but have not heard of wrappers causing a problem with others. I'm relieved to know you have not encountered a problem and am certainly glad since they are served in lunch rooms. Also they are enjoyable and easy to eat when in a rush. Unfortunately I

On Jul 31, 2006


Originally posted by BR USA: [b]they never have shrimp (my other allergy) in the store and that no peanut products are near the preparation area. [/b]

Just because the peanuts aren't near the prep area doesn't mean an employee didn't grab some for a snack on the way to the oven and then start handling the bosco sticks. You may want to check with this restaurant and see what their handwashing policy is...