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Books for older kids?

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Are there any books out there for older kids? We have No Nuts for Me, and we love it, but I'm wondering if there's a book for kids, which deals with the emotions of having an allergy.

While Noah in No Nuts for Me, is a very happy, upbeat little character, my son often feels sad, alone, embarrassed, etc. I thought that maybe a book dealing with the sadder side, might be of some help to him.


On Jan 7, 2003

Our daughter is 8 and really likes the FAAN children's newsletter that comes out about 4 times a year. There are pictures of other kids with food allergies and exactly what they are allergic to. It doesn't really address sad feelings in particular, but our daughter always identifies with the kids who have her same (or similar) allergies and she feels less alone. In fact lots of the kids give tips on how they manage, which she also likes reading. Maybe your child would also like this newsletter?

On Feb 5, 2003

The original question here is pretty old so I may be too late answering, but we found The Peanut Butter Jam to be over our 3-year-old with PA's head, but our 8-year-old enjoyed it.

On Mar 15, 2003

Askorose-not sure how old your son is, but FAAN has a book of comments, letters... by teenagers that may be helpful.