Book Recommendations?

Posted on: Wed, 01/30/2008 - 10:00am
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I'm looking for one or two really good books on peanut and food allergies. They're for me, so information geared closely toward parents or kids isn't going to be tremendously useful - I need something that I can read, understand, and use as an adult. I'm not averse to all-ages materials, nor to books that include some kid-specific information, but I really need detailed entry-level resources that don't assume that the allergic individual is a child - or to know which kid-specific resources would still be useful to me as a PA adult with other severe food allergies.

ETA: I'm posting this to the main board rather than "Adults Living with Peanut Allergies" because I'd like the potential for responses from a wider group. Is that okay?

Posted on: Wed, 01/30/2008 - 10:39am
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How about the Peanut Allergy Answer Book by Michael C. Young, M.D.
It's accurate and to the point. It gave me great basics when learning about PA.

Posted on: Wed, 01/30/2008 - 1:11pm
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I thought that food allergies for dummmies by Wood was more adult geared than several of the others.

Posted on: Sat, 02/02/2008 - 6:56am
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I really like the "Food Allergies for Dummies Book" It is clearly not for "dummies" there is a lot of detail, and it is newly released to it's up-to-date material.
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You can read some articles from Dr Wood (the author of the book) on our website in the archives. Click [url=""]HERE[/url] for one on testing.

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