blown away by immunocap results.

Posted on: Thu, 06/10/2004 - 3:07am
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My 20 mo old DS reacted to an egg at 10 mos so we knew he was allergic to eggs. I had him referred to an allergist that determined he's allergic to eggs and peanuts. He's had eczema on his feet since he was born and was given Elidel by the pediatrician at 6 months and then again by the allergist at 12 months. The Elidel worked great for a while, then the eczema seemed to get worse. We took him back to the allergist in April and he was given Atarax, Erythromycin, and a Lidex ointment mix. The 2 oral meds and the ointment has really helped. He has not had a reaction since the egg when he was 10 months. We were very diligent in the beginning and I guess we've found our comfort zone. His food allergies has really become a "non-issue" with us...I guess b/c we've figured out what he can have and cant have. We dont knowingly, intentionally give him anything that we have any reason to believe has any type of egg and/or peanut protein.

Several days ago, I cooked some fish in a deep fryer. I used a batter mix that had egg in it, but didnt realize it when I bought it. I made cooked the fish and then made french fries in that oil, but I baked some french fries for DS and twin DDs. The ones I had baked were still hot and I knew the ones I had cooked in the oil (after the batter containing egg) had cooled down. Not thinking, I grabbed a handful of those fries and gave them to DS and the twins. Then I realized what I had done. So I waited with the Benadryl and Epi-pen and he never reacted.

The fact that he's not had a reaction since August and how "easy" it seems his allergies have been for us, got me thinking his allergies weren't really severe. We still read the labels on everything and watch everything he eats and where it comes for may contains and call on companies/prodcuts we're not sure about.

We took him back to the allergist on Monday and I talked the dr into going ahead with the ImmunoCap. They called today with the results of the test and I was totally surprised at the results:

peanut 4.59
egg white 9.87
egg yolk .87

Dust and tree nuts were zero/negative.

I really hadnt enteraintained the idea that he may have outgrown either of his allergies, b/c we were told from the beginning that "he'll probably outgrow the egg allergy by about 3-4 yrs old, but he probably wont outgrow the peanut allergy", but I guess the fact that he's not had any reactions (other than his eczema) had me thinking it wasnt quite so severe, not that the severity has any weight on how we deal with his allergies.
I am really amazed that his allergies are as severe as they are and he's not had any reactions, I guess b/c I see people on here who have a heck of a time dealing with their or their child's allergies.

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Isn't it so frustrating? My son was just newly diagnosed with the extras that you see down at the bottom of my signature. We have known about the PA/TN/Soy. My doc says that my DS is not textbook by any means. If anything, he gets worse as he gets older.
Anyway, DS has allergy symptoms to these new foods, not severe. Because there is always that chance that it is a false positive, we are in the process of the food elimination. My Allergy doc hates food testing. He said it is so hard to tell because there are so many false positives. He also said that you can be allergic as a baby with a positive reaction and then get tested as an older child or an adult and it will still be positive but with no reactions.
He had no explantion for it, just that the body always will be positive, but that does not mean you are still allergic. He says unless he has had reactions within the last year or two, he would recommend food elimination. If he doesn't react, he is not allergic.
Beware though, this does not mean that he won't become allergic sometime in the future.
Renee athma/EA
Quinton: PA/TNA/Soy/EA/Severe Asthma/whole egg/onion/cocoa bean/chicken/turkey/string beans/potato
Mykiaja: EA/asthma
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