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I have always been allergic to peanuts. My dad is a member on the descussion boards here. He may have already said something about this. In the past on my blood test it has always read that I am allergic to peanuts. My last blood test before this most recent one was 9 years ago. Well I am now 21 and I took another blood test because the Texas Handicap Comition was going to help me find a job considering my handicap. Well when I took the test it showed 0. The test read that I wasn't allergic to peanuts where before it was 5500. This really makes me wonder. Why would that test have done that. I have reacted to products that I didn't even know contained peanuts. It took me calling the company and asking is it possible that your product was manufactored in a facility that contains peanuts, and they always said yes. Was I reacting to something else in every one of those products. This just really puzzles me and I would love some input on my situation. Thankyou

On Apr 25, 2003

I have three thoughts about this for you:

1. Is it possible that a mistake was made in processing your test (I am assuming this was a RAST test of some sort)? Are you sure that the test was measuring "peanut specific IgE" and not total IgE or IgG? It is also possible that the test procedure wasn't followed correctly- that the lab made a mistake, in other words. 2. While rare, it is possible to have a RAST result which shows few antibodies but to still have clinical symptoms of allergy- have you considered a skin test to complement the blood test? (If you have a positive skin test, this would explain a lot) 3. Is it possible that you are actually allergic to something other than pn? Like tree nuts? Or soy?

Unfortunately, I think you will have to insist that with your reaction history, more testing is ESSENTIAL. You cannot simply accept the "no allergy" result on this test.

[img][/img] Good luck with this.

On Apr 25, 2003

My son, now seven, tested negative on the CAP RAST last year. He has experienced 2 anaphylactic reactions, and has also reacted to cross contaminated items. His last skin test was 2 years ago, not only was it positive (17 mm wheal w/ psuedopods), but he physically reacted with diarrhea, throat itching, and cough. He underwent a food challenge and experienced a reaction. Two months later he reacted again while on vacation. Just thought I'd let you know that you're not alone in this confusion!

On Apr 25, 2003

Even though your blood test was a 0 doesn't mean you are allergy free.

My son's blood test was a 0 on shellfish, but when he went for a skin test afterwards it said he was a 3!! The allergist suggested NOT to eat shellfish.

I know it is confusing. Try a scratch test. Or better yet, a controlled test in the hospital.

good luck, and stay away from peanuts.