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Posted on: Sat, 09/27/2003 - 7:18am
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Hi there,

I've been checking on and off into this site for almost 1.5 years since my daughter was diagnosed with a peanut allergy at 18 months.

I live in France and find it difficult to trust the products that I buy for her to eat. They are getting better with the warnings on the labels and my husband and I have muddled our way through this until now.

We don't call manufacturers and sometimes we will give her croissants without checking. Her allergy is always in the back of my head and I always have the epipen on hand. She has never had an anaphylactic reaction but I know that it could happen at any time. I guess we have been rather complacent with this whole issue.

Until today... I suspected that she had some more allergies after she had a reaction to kiwi this summer. She had a rather comprehensive blood test and I got the results today. I'm assuming that this was the equivalent to the blood RAST test because it also goes from 0-6. Remember this is all in French. For peanuts she scored 6 and for treenuts and sesame she scored 3. I am in shock.

I feel as though we have been very, very lucky that she hasn't had a more severe reaction since we have taken this allergy almost 1/2 heartedly. Now I realize the severity at least I think I do.

Can someone explain what this bloodtest means? What is the RAST? What are they checking for? I do have an appointment with the pediatrician on Tuesday to discuss the results but I can't wait until then.

How on earth does one get the strength to deal with this?

I am also suffering a little from the "why me" syndrome.

Any thoughts or inputs?

Kelly in France

Posted on: Sat, 09/27/2003 - 11:52am
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If you do searches you will find answers to all your questions.
Good luck and stay safe.

Posted on: Sun, 09/28/2003 - 3:57am
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Hi Kelley,
There has been a lot written on this topic on the peanut allergy board. As the previous poster mentioned if you use the search engine (it's a link of the top right-hand side of your screen) you should be able to bring up some good results.
Anyway, if it's any consulation, I have noticed some people on this board have reported their children had a 5 or 6 on the Cap-Rast test and were not extremely sensitive to peanuts nor had their children had severe reactions. Nonetheless, I think you need to proceed with extreme caution.
BTW - If your daughter was given a RAST test as opposed to a Cap-Rast test, you should definitely ask for the Cap-Rast.
As for feeling like "why me", I definitely feel for you. My DH and I only found out about our son's allergy 6 weeks ago and I have been very depressed. However, I am now starting to feellike it's manageable and moving beyond "why me" to "I gotta play the cards I'm dealt". I'm also trying to count my blessings - I have a healthy, happy, normal child who just happens to have to avoid nut products.
I hope this helps,

Posted on: Wed, 10/01/2003 - 4:08am
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Hi Kelly,
My son scores off the charts for peanuts on the CAP RAST and he's never had a reaction. He wasn't diagnosed until he was 4 after having a very mild reaction to walnuts. Before that he ate "may contain" foods all the time and also ate foods with peanut flour. I'm thankful that he doesn't seem to be very sensitive. We are careful, but have a more lax comfort zone than some because of his lack of reaction. The test score is very confusing to us because it meants that he would be expected to react to a smaller amount of peanut, and that is not the case. Hope this helps you feel better, but of course, be careful!

Posted on: Wed, 10/01/2003 - 10:57am
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