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Hi Everyone, I have been a member here for a few years now. I don't post often, but I 'check in' regularly.

Having grown up with a peanut allergy, I know what it is like to be a child with an allergy. Now that I am all grown up, I also know what it is like to live as an adult and parent with an allergy. I decided to write a blog about all this! started the blog in January 2010 and I wanted to post the site for anyone interested in reading it.

Happy reading, and please feel free to leave your comments and share your experiences as adults living with a peanut allergy. If anyone is interested in being a guest blogger in the future let me know.



By hfraser on Jan 25, 2011


By JenEmm on May 14, 2010

Hi Heather, I have not posted about this yet in the blog (perhaps I'm in denial), but we did make a trip to the ER a few days after his b-day after he ate honeydew for the first time. Hives all over his lower body, and while he looked and sounded fine, his breating was compromised when they checked his O2 level.

Honeydew... strange, I know. I've never heard of a honeydew allergy, HOWEVER, he had eaten strawberries during that meal too, but it was his 6th time eating strawberries. We have an apt with an allergist soon to discuss further.

I had given him benadryl immidiately and I thre him into the car. Thankfully he was fine after they gave him some meds, but i'm obviosuly still freaked out. This whole experience is the subject of my next post (stay tuned!)

Your book looks like a great read. I'm in Montreal, is it at Chapters? If not, i'll order it online.

By hfraser on May 15, 2010

Hi JenEmm,

Honeydew or strawberry, there are families of foods that can cross react. Like legumes and nuts, different plants with similar protein structures.

I was just in Ottawa giving a talk to the anaphylaxis support group there -- load of info in the book that surprises everyone. We have had allergy outbreaks and epidemics in the past to both food and drugs.

The book is available at my web site!

Do you belong to a support group for allergy/anaphylaxis?


By JenEmm on May 20, 2010

Sounds interesting. I will order it this weekend.

Thanks, Jen