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Posted on: Sat, 06/08/2002 - 2:27am
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pHi guys,/p
pI'm going through my cupboards the other day...again, and I have Bisto beef gravy mix and Bisto chicken gravy mix. The beef doesn't list "hydrolyzed plant protein" but the chicken gravy one does without listing the source.br /
I e-mailed them today and did a search on here however didn't come up with anything.br /
Does anyone know the source?/p
pMost company's list the source now which is great but I just bought this not too long ago and assumed it was ok since I always buy the beef one I thought it would be similiar./p
pAnyway, I know everyone is enjoying their Saturday as I am about to do so if anyone knows the answer I would appreciate it. Otherwise this is going in a bag of "get rid of's" to my Mom tomorrow./p


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