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Hello, I am trying to get any ideas for my dd 7yo b-day party for her class. There is a boy in her class that has a peanut allergy & she wants to bring a snack in for her class of 24 that he too will be able enjoy & not feel left out. For those of you that a little more versed in PA, please help a mom trying to help another child....thank you VERY much....Lisa

On Sep 21, 2005

First of all, Thank you for taking the time and effort to check into this. Did the school offer any kind of safe list. What type of treat? you could always be safe with stickers and things of that nature. We all have different comfort levels. My son is only pn allergic and I have many local bakeries who use no pn and I am comfortable with that. Cupcakes: Homemade with only metal utensils and in papers assuming have never made some kind of peanut muffin in that pan, it should be safe. Candy: A lot more that you think. The danger comes around chocolate. Hersheys is trusted but again some have almond warnings. Gummie snacks like roll ups and the like are good. Also sugar candy like wonka things, buble gum, and lollipops, and other trusted brands. Are the parents available to call. I know I would welcome a call from a parent like you.

On Sep 21, 2005

Thank you for the quick response. The school has never came out to let us other parents know that there was a pa in her class. I found out by accident as I was helping in her class last week & low & behold the class was getting a cookie & he had to put it in his backpack & save for when he got home (that broke my heart). So, we wanted him to not feel excluded. The ideas are helpful. I am not a baker, so we may go w/ the candy idea. Are you familiar w/ RIce Krispie treats? I came across that idea in this search of peanut free & then I saw that it had peanuts somewhere else. Thank you for your time. I have not been able to talk w/ his mom at this point, but I am trying. Thanks again.

On Sep 21, 2005

Let me also say Thank you for taking the time to research a safe birthday treat. Your best bet is to speak with the parent directly to get safe suggestions that they are comfortable with. If you aren't able to speak with the parent I would go with a non food item to be safest (and healthier for all too).

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On Sep 21, 2005

I have found all the rice krispie treats to be good. Check the box at the store because sometimes different areas have different labeling.

On Sep 21, 2005

I also suggest asking the parent of the allergic child. Many kids in dd's class assume she is just PA, and she also has an egg allergy. I always feel so badly when someone has tried to bring something safe for her and I have to still decline because of eggs or unknown brands of things and such. SOme of su are more restrictive and call manufacturers, and others read labels only. I do a bit of both, depending on the product.

So, the non-food treats are great. My dd also has brought fresh fruits(like sliced strawberries and pineapple), or maybe plain ordinary oreos are often trusted by many folks.

So nice of you to ask and try to be inclusive. Even if my dd cannot have the treat, it is nice to know the parent tried very hard to be sure it would be safe, and will not be harmful in general, when consumed by the rest of the class.

For the allergic child, maybe you could ask the teacher to gently suggest that his parents have a safe treat supply in the classroom for the unexpected cookie treats like you mentioned. That is what we do, so dd can have a treat too, if we did not know it was a birthday or special snack that day. becca

On Sep 21, 2005


Originally posted by ADKAYMOM: [b]For those of you that a little more versed in PA, please help a mom trying to help another child....thank you VERY much....Lisa[/b]

I just wanted to say that you made my day. [img][/img]

On Sep 21, 2005

Thank you all soo much for your input & you too put a smile on my face. I was able to speak to his mom tonight & told her of my quest this evening & she was grateful. I think we are going to go w/ Rice Krispie treats. Just to let you know why we want the boy to be included is bc my ds has been diagnosed w/ type1 diabetes & he has felt excluded & that's a hard feeling for a child to have those sad or angry feelings. So for all of you that responded, thanks & keep spreading the word of good to people.

On Sep 22, 2005


Can you recommend a discussion board similar to this one on diabetes? (just in case anyone here would like to learn more about diabetes)

On Sep 22, 2005

ADKAYMOM. Thanks for coming and asking. With your son having the diabetes, and food allergies, maybe it is double the reason to work on food free celebrations for birtdays?! Maybe kids get to bring a special book, or stickers, and have a story read and pass out stickers or a small favor.

Though thet do the sweet treats in dd's class, they also make their own crown that day, have a book signed(dedicated to them) by the teachers with love), and it is forever added to the class book shelf after a week in the child's home. They also get to go to the principle's office to choose a birthday favor! I thought all the non-food treats were so special they could have skipped the treat altogether.

Just some othet ideas, since you also have serious food issues with your child. How tough. It would be so much healthier to take away all this focus on foods in class, wouldn't it? I have met families who have children with diabetes, and it is very hard and structured for children. Best wishes and hugs. becca

On Sep 23, 2005

Birthday treats are banned in my son's classroom, so parents are encouraged to bring in party favor type toys, special pencils, or other non-edible treats instead.

On Sep 25, 2005

Well, we did good on the party treats. We put snack size rice krispie treats in baggies along w/ starbursts & a puzzle. The class enjoyed the treats. Thanks again for all your help, GAILW: I wish I could find a message board for diabetes that seems to flow as easy as this message board. This is easy to navigate around. I am still searching for a child diabetes message board. Thanks again for ALL your input & support. Lisa