Birmingham, Alabama support group?


Anyone in Birmingham, Alabama? Looking for local support group. My three year old son is newly diagnosed Peanut / Nut allergy. I am not aware of a group here. Our Allergist, Pediatrician and several Dieticians I spkoke with are not aware of one. I am planning to start one if there is the need.

On Jun 19, 2006

I am in Muscle Shoals. It is to far to drive to Birmingham. We might could do a group middle ways until they get big enough to branch out. The first allergist we went to was at the Childrens Hospital. Dr. Hains. Have you heard of her?

On Jun 20, 2006

I have heard of Dr. Hains at Children's. We see an Allergist in private practice off HWY 280. I am surprised CHS does not have a group. Had you talked with Dr. Hains about froming one?

How old is your daughter? When was she diagmosed?

Thanks so much for responding!

On Jun 21, 2006

I first realized it was a food allergy when my daughter was eating sweet peas and broke out. She was under a year old. We had several outbreaks of hives and vomiting before but the doctor always blew it off as nothing. He finally decided to send her to birmingham after an serious attack. I didn't know anything about food allergies when we wnt to Dr. Hains. I also left very informed. We had several more serious attacks before I understood labels. I felt like a good allergist would send you home with info. Anyway this past week or so we took Abby to an allergist here. BIG MISTAKE! I have thought about trying Vanderbilt if they will see her. She is only 2 1/2.