bird feeders


I volunteered to bring all the stuff to make bird feeders to my sons' play group next week (to keep it pb free). Has anybody tried to make those pine cone bird feeders with soy butter.. or anything else? I would appreciate any suggestions. We dont eat soy butter so I dont want to buy it just to try it out unless there is a good chance it would work. Thanks.

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On Oct 2, 2004

I have heard of using Crisco instead of PB too, but I have never tried either alternative so I can't say if one works better than that other, sorry!

On Oct 2, 2004

Our cubs scouts used Crisco and the birds loved it! They mixed the Crisco with Cheerios.

On Oct 2, 2004

Be careful to check the ingredients on the bird seed. Some contain peanuts.

On Oct 3, 2004

You can use any rendered fat. I've used palm shortening. The suet cakes I buy contain rendered beef fat. I don't buy meat products otherwise and I can't use soy or peanut, so crisco isn't an option for me at all.

The birds seem fine with palm shortening, though you might want to contact your local ag extension office to ask.

Also, don't buy a birdseed mix containing milo--most North American birds don't eat it, so you're paying for stuff that just ends up in the ground as trash. If you want to provide brown, raw compost for your lawn, go ahead. [img][/img] Anyhow, milo is basically expensive filler. We buy our birdseed from actual birdshops. It's cheaper than the "pro" blends at the supermarket that contain non-edible seed like milo, but we have to buy it in bulk. That's fine with me--I can make sure that I'm buying a specific kind of seed or a soy-free, peanut-free mix.