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big problems at work

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I am a Sutter home health physical therapist. This Summer after my coworker ate a snickers bar right next to me I have become severely allergic to the smell of peanuts. It used to just be to eating them. I asked my boss to please make the office a peanut free zone. She did for two months and now she is letting people bring them back in. When I go to people's homes I just ask them to put away the peanuts and there is no problem. The patient's are very kind and understanding about it and it's no big deal. It's just the office now. I went to Dr Bocian at Standford and he threw a fit and wrote a nice letter asking the boss to make the office peanut free again. The boss has responded by asking the risk management nurse to come to our office and see if I am "fit" to do my job as a home health PT. I called the HR department and told them I am covered by the American Disabilities Act and I am protected by law. They told me don't quote the act and your situation is no different then someone being allergic to pollen. So, I am having a meeting with the risk management nurse of Mon. Any suggestions?