Betty Crocker Cake

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Hi everyone,

I have wanted to post this for sooo long but keep forgetting the only cake I trust is Betty Crocker Super Moist Yellow and my mother in law was making it with my P/N daughter and all she added was 1 can of sprite or 7up diet or regular mixed and baked. She learned this from her weight watchers class. I can't tell you how moist and wonderful it is!!!! I thought what a great idea for those egg allergy kids. That is how we make all of cupcakes and cakes and NO one can tell the difference. She also said if any of you trust a chocolate cake mix add coke. Crazy yes but it works soooo well. Let me know waht you think?

On Apr 12, 2008

Oooohhhhh I'm going to have to try that just for the sake of trying it! Thanks for the tip!

On Apr 14, 2008

You are right. It is the most moist cake I have tasted without eggs. Both of my kids are allergic to eggs. I have tried every recipe out there for the past 7 years. A friend of mine told me about this last year and I couldn't believe it until I tried it. My friend learned it from Weight Watchers too. I went and never remembered it. If you take a yellow butter cake mix from BC then add a 7 up and use butter cream icing, it is terrific. It will also rise like a regular cake and if you are careful it will come out of the pan pretty easy too. I did this for my kids birthday and decorated it with some Cars toys. Everyone thought it was great!

On Apr 22, 2008

OMG - this made me sit up in my chair. My 10 month old is p/a and eggs and its hard to get my kids cakes and cupcakes. But holy cow - so I can take any golden cake mix (safe one) and just add 7up - nothing else?? I can't tell u how excited i am about this!

On Apr 23, 2008

Yes!!! Crazy as it sounds it works well and tastes great! Any golden mix you like (I only use Betty Crocker super moist yellow) add one can of sprite or 7up and mix as it says on the box. Same heating. I ordered some frosting from Divies and it works wonderful. So happy this will help your family out. Hurray for Weight Watchers!!!!

One thing if anyone has tried this with the Cherrybrook Kitchen mixes please let me know if it works? You need to add some different things like butter for those mixes so I am not too sure if it will work.

On May 4, 2008

It's also really good with strawberry soda! My son's favorite is a box of cake mixed with one can of pumpkin puree.

On May 14, 2008

we used this to make "dirt cups" for my son's b'day treats this week. yea!!! we used regular sprite.

it was so exciting to send in a fun b'day treat for him for a change.

we made yellow cake mix cupcakes, safe chocolate frosting, crushed oreos, and a safe gummy worm.

thanks so much for posting this.

On Jun 4, 2008

I know this was posted a while ago but does this really work? I have to make cup cakes for my sons school party and would love to try this. What kind of frosting do you use or do you make your own?

On Jun 4, 2008


YES! it does! i posted one comment above yours about "dirt cups" that we made for our son a couple weeks ago. just the yellow cake mix and a can of sprite. it was perfect. they frosted perfectly after cooling. we used a chocolate frosting from wal-mart that we trust. it has a may contain pecan, but we use it. i don't want to recommend it, since it has a may contain.

i've made my own from a buttercream recipe before as well. i just use our non-dairy margarine.

good luck!

On Jun 4, 2008

It does work for me and we love it!!! Actually making it on Sunday for my sons b-day. I either buy Divvies frosting online $5.00 a container and the chocolate is amazing. I also buy Pilsbury Creamy Supreme Vanilla.

On Jun 4, 2008

Originally Posted By: Daneg4575

the only cake I trust is Betty Crocker Super Moist Yellow

I am just wondering why this is the only cake you trust. We have many Betty Crocker mixes in our house. I have tried asking the company and they said they would label if they thought it may have cross contamination. Did I get bad information? I am never sure that they understand what I am asking. My daughter's birthay is in two weeks and I need to figure out what to serve for cake.

What has everyones experience been with betty crocker. We are trying to get rid of anything in our house that might not be safe and I am getting a little overwhelmed.

Thanks, Lisa

On Jun 4, 2008

The Pillsbury Creamy Supreme Vanilla frosting is safe to use? Is that the only jar frosting you use?

On Jun 4, 2008


not sure about all the safe frostings. we have to avoid milk and egg, too. so we are limited in that area.

On Jun 5, 2008

I only use the BC yellow cake b/c I have had bad experiences with chocolate mixes. In my own head I see all the mixes that are chocolate and have nuts ie brownies could be on the same line. Everytime I call they give me a answer I am comfortable with but I just stick with what I know works. Everyone has their own little things that works and doesn't and chocolate mixes just didn't work for us(this wasn't a BC mix). Hope this helps!

On Jun 5, 2008

I do use the Pilsbury Creamy Supreme Vanilla. I have called and got a answer I was comfortable with. I am VERY comfortable with Divvies so that is what I have been buying latley NO PEANUTS, TREE NUTS, EGG or DAIRY. I get the frosting $5 a container I buy a bunch when I know special occasions are coming. They last 2 months open and you can or don't have too refrigerate cause no dairy or eggs. I can't tell you how wonderful the chocolate is!!!! I know it is pricey with shipping and all but I figure better safe then buy some extra crap at target for the month :)

On Jun 6, 2008

I made them yesterday for my son's school and they were a hit. That is great and so easy!! Thank You

On Jun 14, 2008

Hi I have made the "diet coke cupcakes" I make it with devils food cake mix and diet coke I wuse lite wipped cream for frosting. put them in the freezer and they taste like a devil dog! MMMMM! and low in calories!