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my daughter is PA, learned by eating, shes 4 years old, they tell me my best bet is to not let her have any nuts, or seeds? has that been a like experiance. whatabout sunflower seeds or oil, im very aware and she gets none, but is there a difinative test without exposure, im not thrilled with my allergist, in MA Northshore.. Any help appriciated. Im new to this site thank God IFound it!

On Mar 25, 2000

Hi Lydia, Welcome to these boards and the difficult life of keeping an allergic child safe. I am not medically qualified, so all I can tell you is how I have managed this problem since last october when my child had a first reaction. Initially I was given the same advice as you. I soon learned that it is hard enough excluding nuts without attempting the seeds and oils. I spent all of three weeks in the kitchen making every food she ate from basic safe ingredients. It took over my life. Gradually the shock and fear I felt on leaving the ER began to ease a little and one by one I introduced manufactured foods and oils having scrutinised the labels. It also helped when the nut free lists came through for supermarkets. Slowly the repertoire of foods I felt confident about grew, and Hannah continued to stay well. Perhaps this has worked for us because, thank goodness, Hannah is no where near as allergic as some of the kids and adults who have this allergy. Perhaps your child is so severely allergic that this method would be dangerous for you to try. I can only wish you luck and suggest you get another allergist if you doubt the one you have.

On Apr 4, 2000


I haven't heard of supermarket peanut free lists. Are they available from the store or somewhere else?