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Best Epi-Pen Holder???

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I am looking into holders for my 6 yr. old PA daughter's epi-pen. Please help answer my questions if you can. Does the epi-belt keep the pens dry? Does a protectube fit into the epi-belt? What about temperature? I live in Louisiana (very hot temperatures ALL summer). How does the epi-belt protect against temperatures? I'm not sure if the epi-belt or some other container with a fanny pack pouch would be better. Thanks!

On Mar 28, 2000

Hi Rae, We use a fanny pack and have found that toothbrush travel containers are an inexpensive way to protect the epi-pens. We just get the cheap, round plastic containers from Target. We also keep Benadryl, a tsp measurer, and some sort of Handywipes or Wet-Ones in the bag as well. We use the wipes to wipe down any tables or chairs that may not be clean (ie. mall food courts). We actually keep 2 bags ready to go, that way both my husband and I have one. Hope this helps.

On Mar 29, 2000

Thanks for that advice. Can anyone else tell me how well the epi-belt protects against water and heat?

On Apr 30, 2000

There is an insulated EpiPen pack sold in the U.S. called Allergypack at [url=""][/url] However care still must be taken not to overheat/freeze the EpiPen. The EpiPen in its plastic case fits into an insulated tube, which is on a belt or can be detached and hooked onto other things such as stroller or backpack. You could contact them for more specifics. I know that a lady in Australia (hot place) bought two and was very happy with them. (This is not a commercial endorsement). Another list is on our web site at [url=""][/url] There are some hard case holders, or a soft one holding up to 3 EpiPens. "Protectube", a registered name for a product in Canada, will keep the EpiPen dry (waterproof, floats) but is not insulated. It's virtually unbreakable, UV protected, etc. A Protectube will fit snuggly into the Allergypack product. Another option depending on your need is a travel wallet, which is slimmer than a pouch. If you know of any others in the U.S. please let me know and we will have a look at putting it on our site. Hope that helps. Cheers,

------------------ N Wiebe

On May 9, 2000

There is a new epinephrine auto injector holder which will be available in June. Mindy Lindon Products,Inc.

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On May 9, 2000

The new carrier sounds great. Is it waterproof? Can someone tell me of a different way to carry Benadryl than in it's original bottle. I carry the smallest bottle they make along with a dosing spoon, but I've wondered if there is a safe way to carry premeasured doses in his bag with his epi's so a teacher, sitter, etc. won't have to take the time to measure it. Obviously, the Benadryl won't stop a big peanut reaction but we still use it in the case of hives for other reasons. Thanks. Lisa

On May 9, 2000

Mindy, Please keep me informed. I will wait on ordering the other until I can get more info. on this. I would also like to know if it is waterproof.

Lisa, I don't know the age of your son, but now that my daughters are both able to chew tablets we use the Benadryl children's chewable tablets. Both of them, 3 1/2 and 6, take them with no problems. Because of a concern raised on this site, I asked my Ped. Allergist if the liquid was faster acting than the pill. He said there was no diff. They both enter the system within the same amount of time. They are much easier to carry around! Rae

On May 9, 2000

Mindy, also I would like to know if the case is attachable to a purse, belt loop, etc. My allergist does not recommend our daughter carry it on her (that is why we ruled out the epi-belt). He has recently had a case where a child lost his finger due to accidental injection into the finger. So, especially when playing with other children - we carry it.

On May 9, 2000

The case is water resistant. It attatches to purses ,belts,strollers,back packs you name it.My child would never wear somthing around her waist all the time so one of our main focuses was to enable all carriers to have the pen with them ,yet have an option of where they want to keep it. Our biggest concern in designing the case was safety. We had a baby sitter that the pen self injected through the yellow case provided and then through her thumb.The pen still had the cap on it and the yellow tube did as well. That was a couple of years ago and that taught us how unpredictable this pen can be. We created the case to help ensure protection to those who carry it as well as making a safe place to house the pen.

We are excited to offer this product to you and will answer any questions that you may have. Thank you for your interrest! Mindy Lindon Products,Inc.

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On May 9, 2000

Mindy, what is the cost of this new epi-pen holder?

On May 11, 2000

Our product will be available in June. At that time we can give out pricing details. It is Lindon Products goal to make the safe carrying case available to all who need it.The pricing will be consistent with our objectives. Please contact us with any further questions.


On May 15, 2000

How do we contact this company?

On May 29, 2000

Our web site will be up and running in the next two weeks. We will give out all of our information sometime next week. We have shown Chris from the carrier and he is the one who encouraged us to post our origional message on this site. We think that he will agree that the product is worth waiting for. We will keep you informed over the next two weeks.

Mindy Lindon Products, Inc

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On May 29, 2000

A couple of things I wanted to add to this thread.

Our daughter wears an E-Belt (this is a new name for the same product formerly called the Epi-Belt, the name changed recently as Epi-Pen manufacturer claimed a trade-mark), we use the E-Belt which carries two auto-injectors. We also have a few of the AllergyPack auto injector carriers, I just wore one of the AllergyPacks myself this weekend to our daughters soccer tournament. My wife carries one Epi-Pen in her purse at all times, and with me carrying one in the AllergyPack we then had two with us at the field. I can say the AllergyPack is very lightweight, I almost forgot I was wearing it. My wife and I have considered getting another E-Belt for our daughter which holds only one auto-injector for times when their will be another around such as in my wife's pocket book, this would be so it would be less weight for our daughter to carry. We are happy that our daughter is learning to become responsible for her allergy and is training to always carry her medication with her.

(NOTE ADDED 05/01/01: They have now addressed this problem) I am still waiting to see Protectube come out with a cover which I think will come off in all circumstances. I have a problem with the difficulties I and others have had trying to get the cover off. I worry about a situation where someone is not able to remove the cover during an emergency etc. I have expressed my concern to the company and sadly have not heard they will be addressing my concerns. They did at my request, change the size of the cover to make it easier than the original to remove, however in testing I found it still can be difficult to remove. I hope to continue to work with the company until I feel the problem is solved so we will feel comfortable letting people know the product is available. Until this time I worry and hope that no harm comes from this product as I know they have sold some. As most of you know one of the things I like to do is encourage and aid those who are trying to develop products, I also feel I should let them know of any potential problems with their products. This is to help them and help us, those who will be using the products. I am sure Protectube will continue to develop their product as they will want to have the safest product possible. They originally developed the product to address a problem they saw with the original factory tube. I will let you know if I hear of any changes they have made to fix the problem I had with the product.


On a more positive note: I am excited about this other new holder which is suppose to come out in June. I met with them, checked out the prototype and offered our experience and made some suggestions. They were still working out all the final details of design and materials etc., and we discussed some other ideas which looked like they would be able to incorporate. I look forward to testing the product when it is available and am glad that there soon may be another product available to our community.

I will be having a phone conversation with the makers of this new product this week.

More on these and other products on the products page. [url=""][/url]

(Don't forget to tell all that you are from PeanutAllergy.Com!)

------------------ Stay Safe,


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On Jun 7, 2000

Has anyone heard anything about the new EpiPen carrier that was supposed to be out the first week in June? I am surprised that they have not posted any new information yet.

On Jun 7, 2000

naomi, that was originally posted on the maid discussion board, you might want to check there for more info.

On Jun 9, 2000

We have been working hard to get this product to you as soon as possible .We will keep you posted! It will be worth the wait.


On Jun 18, 2000

I have designed and created the Protectube. Our first samples of Protectube were created with a very tight sealed cap to ensure the tube was completely waterproof. We found this cap too tight. We have since designed a cap that is extremely easy to remove without compromising the waterproofness of the tube. We have had wonderful success since these changes.

Protectube is waterproof, UV protected, bouyant, see through to easily identify the Epipen and very very strong.

Protectube is specifically designed to protect the Epipen from damage and you and your children from accidental injection.

Protectube is completely portable. It fits into most fanny packs and totes that are specifically designed for the Epipen.

Protectube will fit wherever you want it !

Check out our website at [url=""][/url] to find our how to order.

Sincerely, Carol Zweig Protectube Manufacturing Inc.

On Jun 20, 2000

Hi All,

I've recently been looking for an Epi-Pen "holder" for my 2.5 yr old son. I dreaded keeping it in the diaper bag because of outside play dates, etc.

I found a cheap solution at our local Wal-Mart: The new childrens lunch boxes are insulated and zippered, and have separate compartments, and come with shoulder straps. The one I bought has a separate insulated drink compartment - which fits the Epi's in their boxes just fine! The lunch compartment side is great for holding a diaper, wetwipes, and benedryl (or whatever you need, especially if you have an older child!). It's macho enough for a man to carry also (for those that don't particularly like to wear fanny packs, or carry diaper bags). One thing to keep in mind: These lunch boxes do come with removable "ice packs" to keep things cool (ice packs of course aren't recommended for Epi's).


On Jun 21, 2000

My husband and I have different types of holde for different events. We usually carry the two epi's, benadryl... in a small insulated pack and put that in a fanny pack. We searched and searched for something that is water proof since we spend ALOT of time around and in water. We went to a dive shop this weekend and bought a hard case that is waterproof! It only fits one epi plus a sample size bottle of bendry but it is what we've been searching for. We'll just make sure the second epi is close by!

On Jul 28, 2000

Mindy, is there a web site yet? I haven't heard anything yet.

Chris, have you heard of any progress regarding Lindon Products? Rachel

On Aug 10, 2000

We are happy to announce that the EpiMate by Lindon Products will be available for purchase in September 2000 at [url=""][/url] ,the #1 on line pharmacy in the USA. (Just in time for back to school). We will be launching [url=""][/url] on August 20, 2000 where you will be able to find out all there is to know about the EpiMate. Please come visit our web site with your children who we know will love the EpiMate as much as you will. Please feel free to contact us at anytime at [email][/email] EpiMate is durable,protective,puncture prof, sleek ,offers several carrying options and is available in hot pink,cool blue and graphite.


On Mar 27, 2001

re. an above question for a good way to carry a small dose of liquid benadryl, I have gotten plastic syringe type medicine dispensers with caps free (!) from the Target pharmacy. I explained that I needed to send my PA son to school with a safety kit and he happily gave them to me. After several months of carrying them in my diaper bag, no leaks so far. Oh, I fill them to more than what the necessary dosage would be just in case of spillage. Hope you can find them too!

On Mar 28, 2001

Has anyone purchased an epi-mate holder? Have you liked the results with it?

I am trying to decide whether to purchase it for my 2 1/2 year old son or not. I just was wanting some feedback on the product.

I like all the accessories it comes with. We still use the liquid benedryl though. Not sure about the chewable tablets. It does not have place for liquid just the tablets.


On Apr 2, 2001

I ordered and received two epimates a few weeks ago (they came very quickly). I am very impressed with this product. I can tell a lot of thought went into developing this product. It is compact and very functional. It comes with accessories to suit your style - belt clips, magnets for the refrigerator, etc. It also comes with labels and the directions details out where and how to use these labels. I highly recommend this product.

I tried carrying the epipen in my pocketbook in a toothbrush holder for a short timee. one day though, I found it had opened and one side of the toothbrush holder was floating around my pocketbook. I love the epimate and no longer worry about damaging the epipen. I am working on typing emergency plan directions that I can fold and put in the bottom of the epimate.

On Apr 19, 2001

Question - an emt friend told me that they cannot administer an epi-pen (here in NJ)unless it has the patient's prescription printed on it. My pharmacy always puts the label on the box, and it would be too big to put around the pen itself. Does anyone have an idea to get a prescription label on this somehow?

On Apr 19, 2001

We have the pharmacy print an extra label for us. We just wrap if around the pen. The part that overlaps is the name of the pharmacy and the blank part at the bottom. All the important information shows. It works fine for us.


On May 1, 2001

Protectube has informed us that they have addressed the problem we originally had with the cover on their product. We will now be able to promote the product. We have added it to the products page, and will be sending out information about the product to our community etc. They have also decided to help support PeanutAllergy.Com by donating a portion of the purchase price if you tell them you came from PeanutAllergy.Com. There is a place on their on-line order page to write where you came from, please remember to tell them you came from PeanutAllergy.Com If you will be ordering by regular mail or phone etc. be sure to let them know also.

Here is a link to the PeanutAllergy.Com products page with this and other products which can help to carry auto-injectors and other medications, as well as Vermont Nut Free chocolate company, books for adults and children, T-shirts etc. Here is the link (web address) [url=""][/url]


On May 14, 2001

I just received my epi-mate and free waist pack (because I ordered it in May) today. I am really impressed with it. It is really durable, easy to open, and has room for info about allergies and even benadryl doseage info. It also is designed to hold the pen after use, with room for the protruding needle. I am really tempted to order another one for my other epi-pen!


On Jun 3, 2001

Just wanted to respond to a few things I read about in this area. First to Rae who said her pediat. said benedryl tablets are ok. Not ok according to various doctors - if your child is truly having a serious problem, the tablets could be thrown up before they have a chance to disolve. At least this is true for the tablets one needs to swallow. RE another container for benedryl - there are sample size containers about 1" wide by 3" tall - glass vials that I have gotten at my doctor's. Ask if your dr can get them. someone feared that they could break (the glass is fairly thick) and they reuse the dropper bottles from the kids tylenol. just a thought...on how to avoid carrying a full bottle around with you.

On Jun 4, 2001

I carry the Benadryl fast-melt tablets which melt upon contact with your mouth.

On Jun 4, 2001

I ordered an E-Belt from Zoni a few months ago and am really pleased with it. No problems wearing it, easy to open and close, and the marking on it makes it obvious that it carries something "special". It serves as a talking point & helps me educate people about my allergy without it seeming I'm being "pushy", coz *they* asked *me* aboutit. Small & discreet, always with me. Worth every penny. Order through this site !

------------------ Nick (PA sufferer)

On Jan 18, 2006


Originally posted by mindy: [b]We are happy to announce that the EpiMate by Lindon Products will be available for purchase in September 2000 at [url=""][/url] ,the #1 on line pharmacy in the USA. (Just in time for back to school). We will be launching [url=""][/url] on August 20, 2000 where you will be able to find out all there is to know about the EpiMate. Please come visit our web site with your children who we know will love the EpiMate as much as you will. Please feel free to contact us at anytime at [email][/email] EpiMate is durable,protective,puncture prof, sleek ,offers several carrying options and is available in hot pink,cool blue and graphite.

Mindy [/b]

ooooo. noting. [i]graphite[/i] color....

does it also come in red?

On Jan 24, 2006

MB, I checked the epimate site and it says *under construction*. I checked the cvs site, did a search for epimate and the only hit was a black epinephrinemate.

I guess no red. [img][/img]

By zbrook88 on Dec 12, 2012

Check out:

This is an easy clip-and-go type of EpiPen carrier. Much easier and functional to use than other carriers out there.