Bertolli Oil, Hellman\'s Mayo, Knorr, Ragu, Lipton, etc.


See my post on Unilever . . . all these products are owned by them, and they could give no reliable cross-contamination info.

On Sep 19, 2003

I recently wrote an email to Bertolli. I had never checked on their olive oils and thought maybe I should. For the last 2 1/2 yrs my PA daughter has had their oils without incident, but I thought I'd share this email. I asked them about their cross-contamination policy and if they made peanut or any nut oils, etc. Tell me if you think they answered the question.

"Thanks so much for writing!

All Bertolli Olive Oil is imported from Italy. Bertolli olive oil has been winning international awards since beginning production in 1865. Here is some additional information we hope you find helpful.

Bertolli olive oils are cold pressed and made from a single natural and gentle pressing, without heat or solvents. All of our olive oil is 100% pure and it contains no additives or salt. They are naturally cholesterol and gluten- free, and contain 77% mono-unsaturated fat (found in many studies to reduce harmful, or LDL, cholesterol).

Bertolli's standards for grading olive oil are higher than those of the European Economic Community, Italian regulatory agencies, and International Olive Oil Council.

We hope this information is helpful Your friends at Bertolli"

On Sep 19, 2003

Nice story, but they didn't answer your question.