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Berkshire Eagle: School cracks down on nuts

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[url=""][/url] ------------------------------------------ [b]School cracks down on nuts[/b] By Jenn Smith, Berkshire Eagle Staff Berkshire Eagle

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On Sep 12, 2007

Some of the comments on this news article are sadly the same we have been dealing with for at least the last ten years. I am burned out from having to deal with so many mean spirited parents through the years - My PA daughter is now 13 years old.

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Sue in Sunny Arizona

The following is 1 sample from the articles comments site:


We went through this ban nonsense several years ago with a boy in my daughter's class. We are vegan, and they told me no nuts, peanuts, or soy. So where was my daughter supposed to get her protein?

The situation seemed even more unfair because it happened in the gifted enrichment classroom, which my daughter needed and the little boy with the peanut problem did not. In the end, though, the situation resolved itself when he left the school.

The next time a ban was proposed for somebody, we didn't fool around. We had my daughter's pediatrician write a letter saying that because of her involvement in dance and sports, she needed the protein that nuts and peanuts provide. Then we retained a lawyer, and threatened the school with a religious discrimination lawsuit.

It worked. They found other ways to see to the child with the peanut problem. So my advice to anybody who has a legitimate need to serve their child nuts and peanuts is to stand your ground, involve your doctor, and don't be afraid to hire a lawyer.>>

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