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I have read and learned here since my 4 year old son had his horrible reaction at 14 months when given a PB cookie at daycare. This is such a helpful place for me and I am so grateful you're here.

We will be registering for kindergarden this year and I am already a nervous wreck!

On Jul 9, 2007

Hi Julymom. My daughter will be 12 this week. I started posting here when she was 4 (in 1999). She's starting 7th grade this September. When she started kindergarten, there was hardly any knowledge of peanut allergies as there is now. The school nurse at the time was not so helpful, but better policies & procedures are in place now. There have been no reactions since she was 4 (and that was at our house).

Along the way, there have been some problems but not unsurmountable. I've gone on practically every field trip and been there for any food activity (which is why I've stayed in my part-time job close to home forever).

Have you met with school staff yet?

On Jul 9, 2007

My oldest son started there this year. His kindy teacher was wonderful..she was really good about keeping peanuts away from him (and he has no allergies)so I plan on requesting her. I plan to talk with her in depth before he starts.