Beaches Resort?


Has anyone been to Beaches in Turks and Caicos? We are thinking of going in Feb w/ PA/egg/Poultry/Kiwi Allergic DS. They do mention on their website that they accomodate food allergies, does anyone have any experience w/ them? Thanks!!

On Feb 10, 2004

Just RE-Raising We too are planning a March Break vacation there and would love to hear any feed back. Our DS is PA and TN.Other 2 are allergy free, (knock on wood)

On May 8, 2004

Just wondering if either family went this winter and what the experience was. Where they able to accomodate the allergies?

On May 8, 2004

We didn't end up going this year. However, we hope to go in the future. If anyone has any additional info it would be greatly appreciated!!

On Jan 17, 2006

Just a follow up for those still interested in going to the Beaches resort in Turks and Caicos...

We went to the resort a few weeks back and they were great about accomodating my PA son's allergy. I called ahead of time and they totally understood what I was talking about. I spoke with the chef and his assistant when we got there - they told us they only use olive and corn oil in their cooking, and the only thing with nuts might be the desserts (which wasn't a problem since they were not very good anyway!).

If I wanted to, I could call them every day and let them know where we were going to eat and they would make something up special for my PA son. I was comfortable with what they were saying and what I saw, and based on the limited amount of food my son eats, I didn't see the need to call them.

There was, however, an open jar of peanut butter at the breakfast buffet and the sandwich counter - but my son never went that way and we had no problems.

One caveat - we did stay away from eating at Bobby D's because a peanut butter and jelly sandwich was on the menu and I did not feel comfortable with the possibly of cross contamination based on where the sandwiches were being prepared. The chef did warn us about this though.

We had more issues with people eating containers of peanuts at the airport than we had at the resort! But that is another story...

Take care, Rita

On Mar 4, 2007

My husband and I just returned from Sandals in Jamaica and would love to take the kids with next time to Beaches. I discussed the PA issue briefly with the people who set up future vacations at the resort. They said they are very familiar with dealing with food allergies and told me to call before we arrive to let them know specifically what we are concerned with.

I might be something we do next year. Any additional information for anyone else who has visited would be appreciated.

By smithlee on Mar 20, 2014

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