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BBC News:Food allergy molecule discovered

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On Jul 2, 2007

Absolutely fascinating; thanks for posting.

So IL-12 is missing in mice who were bred to be allergic.

On Wikipedia article about Interleukin-12, one section mentions this NEGATIVE effect of IL-12 on autoimmune conditions (also note the interesting reference to IL-12 knockout mice):

[begin quote] IL-12 and autoimmunity IL-12 is linked with autoimmunity. Administration of IL-12 to people suffering from autoimmune diseases was shown to worsen the autoimmune phenomena. This is believed to be due to its key role in induction of Th1 immune responses. In contrast, IL-12 gene knock-out in mice or a treatment of mice with IL-12 specific antibodies ameliorated the disease. [end quote]

I wonder what the relationship between IL-12, autoimmunity and allergy will prove to be? If they "fix" IL-12 in susceptible individuals, will it possibly worsen other autoimmune conditions? I hope scientists figure this out.

Nate has PA and Celiac. The Celiac is definitely genetically linked. It would be interesting if it turned out that allergy was a compensating response to underlying autoimmune conditions, or vice versa. Not saying it is or isn't - but I have wondered about the relationship. There are some others here with autoimmunity in their families.


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On Jul 2, 2007

Thanks for posting. Very interesting.