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Hi everyone, We went to a Braves game here at Turner Field last night, which was probably stupid of me. [img][/img] When we asked a worker if it would be ok for us to move (we were surrounded by people eating peanuts - big surprise), she said no. We explained our situation, and the look on her face said, "So, why in the heck did you bring your Peanut allergic kid to a ballgame?!?!" And she still said no. Well, we moved anyway, and didn't have a problem. While we were there, I had an idea! [img][/img] For my fellow Georgian PAs, we could form a group, write letters to Turner Field, and push Peanut Free Zones! PA people in other states could do this as well. Find other PA folks near you and form a group! What do you think of my idea? Sorry I'm not very good at putting ideas into words, but I hope everyone sees what I am trying to say. Stay safe! [img][/img]

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On Jun 20, 2001

Don't forget those of us in Alabama... we used to drive the 2 1/2 hours to go to Braves games all the time. (Both sets of grandparents lived in Atlanta) We went to lots of games at Fulton County Stadium but I've only been to two at Turner Field. However, I have plenty of family that would be happy to send e-mail, phone call whatever. Since my sister was heartbroken I wouldn't go to Saturday's game with her. 1) I wouldn't take a 10 month to a baseball game 2) I wouldn't take a 10 month old with peanut allergies to a baseball game 3) I would just be returning from a week long trip and all i wanted to do was go home BTW, she didn't get to go either as she ended up having an emergency appendectomy/

But if I never get to take him to a game I would be heartbroken as that was part of my childhood I would love to share with him.

On Jun 20, 2001

PA Girl -

I think it's a good idea! My husband and I have talked about this - what would be ideal is if you could get a socially conscious corporation to sponsor a "peanut-free" skybox or section.

Of course here in Cincinnati you'd probably have the entire stadium to yourself right now (the Reds are SO bad this year!)

Good luck if you go for it!


On Jun 20, 2001

I think this is a wonderful idea! We have a local minor league team (West Tenn Diamond Jaxx). It is a minor league team for the Chicago Cubs. My husband loves to go, but I will not take my 13 month old PA son to game either. We even had tickets to a sky box, but there were peanuts all over it too. My husband has a passion for baseball and I know he will want to take our son when he is older. My brother lives in Alabama and often goes to Braves games too. I also want to organize something. I think a peanut free zone would be excellent!! It would't even have to be that large of a section, just a few rows. I would like to start locally, but would be glad to help contact the Braves also. What should we do first? I find their website and E-mail them. Any more ideas? Ginger


On Jun 20, 2001

This topic really hits home with me. I have a 9 1/2 year old son who literally bleeds baseball and has since the moment he could walk. He is a fabulous player and knows every statistic and player in the game.

Just this year he has decided that he won't go to anymore baseball games. He feels uncomfortable with all the peanuts...on the ground, in the air, and everywhere in between. I think he is at the age that he realizes that he is surrounded by things that could potentially kill him. That is a real concept for him now.

It breaks my heart. We live in the San Francisco Bay Area and have season tickets to the Giants. He won't go to any more games. I contacted customer service and they said there was absolutely nothing they could do. There is not a place in the stadium where they don't serve or sell peanuts.

I think that we need to try and change this...the provide special seating for wheelchairs (as they should), why can't they provide a peanut-free zone?

On Jun 21, 2001

Hi everyone - thanks so much for all the replies! I'll try to find the Turner field website, and their snail mail address. I'll post when I find it. [img][/img]

On Jun 21, 2001

OK, here's Turner field's snail mail address and phone #: Turner Field 755 Hank Aaron Drive Atlanta, Georgia 30302 (404) 522-7630 I'm still looking for their email address. Here's the snail mail and phone for Wrigley Field in Chicago, in case anyone there wants to write to them about peanut free zones. I'll try to find as many ballpark addresses as I can: 1060 West Addison Street Chicago, Illinois 60613-4397 Tickets: (773) 404-CUBS] I hope these are correct! Here's the address and phone for the stadium in San Fransisco: 24 Willie Mays Plaza San Francisco, CA 94107 (415) 972-2000 Alright, I'm just going to give you all the web address for the site I'm using to find these addresses: [url=""][/url] Hope this helps!

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On Jun 23, 2001

More contact info for the braves:

By Phone: (404) 522-7630 (877) 858-5545 (shop)

By Mail: Atlanta Braves P.O. Box 4064 Atlanta, GA 30302-4064

By E-mail: [email][/email] [email][/email] [email][/email] [email][/email] [email][/email]

And they have a form on their website where you can leaves comments and stuff too... [url=""][/url]

On Jun 23, 2001

I almost forgot... you can get this informaion for any mlb baseball team by typing in for the braves its [url=""][/url] for the cubs it would [url=""][/url] etc... at the bottom of the first page for each team it has a "help/contact us" button and if you click on it you will get all the contact info

On Jun 24, 2001

Great idea PA Girl and Blackmoss, but I'm feeling really cranky about your Braves today since we are diehard Met fans, and your guys KILLED our guys this weekend! My kids are going to need years of therapy after this. [img][/img]


On Jun 25, 2001

Hey Amy! I'm right there with you in your grief over the Mets!

I went to Shea a few weeks ago and made the decision to never bring my 7 year old daughter, although all my kids LOVE baseball.

My sister pointed out the alcohol free section, it was in the nose bleed section. So my hopes for a peanut free zone are nil.

Also, what about all the peanut eating people walking around the restrooms, etc?

------------------ Sue Ellen

On Jun 25, 2001

Not to get off topic, but it's not really... I don't really care for the "blow out" type games. Another "blow out" tonight. I like REAL games. Win or Lose. Games that are worth staying until the last inning. (Within reason of course) I say that is because my sister and I and my grandparents were at the game on July 4, 1985 that ran until 3:55am (on the 5th)with 19 innings and 6 hours and 10 minutes of actual playing time not to mention the 2 rain delays. That was a Braves-Mets game as well, but the one, alas, the Mets did win. But I do much prefer the close games anyday.

On Jun 29, 2001

Has anyone had any luck at Fenway Park in Boston? My husband will be taking our pa 3 year old there and I am a nervous wreck!

On Jun 30, 2001

I'm Jackson's Mom:

I like you was very fearful at the thought of taking my son to the baseball park, but knew that the occasion would arise sooner or later. What young boy doesn't go to a major leage game? After reading you board, I contacted the Cincinnati Reds (We live in Indianapolis). I was overwhelmed with happiness when the Director of Standard Operations e-mailed and then called me the same day I wrote. He was the nicet man! Even though he said that they do not have peanut free zones, he told me that when we show up to the stadium to ask for him and he will personally give us a "roving pass" allowing us to move to any seat in the stadium. If we end up sitting next to people eating peanuts, we can move. He said that he will explain this to the ushers and wanted to learn more about the peanut allergy. He said that they may take this into consideration when building a new stadium. He also thought all major leage teams should get on board with this. I was fine with the idea of the "roving pass". He also explained that there is certified emergency room physicians and EMTs should anything happen. His name is Declan Mullin and I was very very impressed with him!!! My advice is to contact your major leage team, and ask for the same "pass". It's not getting special treatment, just a safety assurance that allows you to move to wherever you are most comfortable. I thought this was a fair solution. He even said that There is a zone that they powerwash in the morning in a special area we could sit where no peanuts would be if our son was highly sensitive. I really can't say enough good things about my experience in dealing with the REDS. I hope they get a lot of good publicity from this and influence other teams to follow suit.

On Jul 2, 2001

I like the idea of a roving pass! I will call Fenway tomorrow and will hopefully catch a sympathetic ear! Thanks for the suggestion. [img][/img]

On Jul 3, 2001

Jackson's Mom- encouraging! I live near Cincinnati and have been wanting to take my daughter to a Red's game...I'm curious about the area that they powerwash - why is that done, and why is it just one section?

Since they are getting ready to build a new stadium, maybe now's the time to lobby further for a peanut-free zone - could fall right into step with the idea of being a "state-of-the-art" stadium. But the roving pass is certainly a step in the right direction.

Thanks for the info!


On Jul 9, 2001

We just went to an Angels game. We bought family tickets and proceeded to our seats. The girl sitting next to us must have had a 5 pound bag of peanuts tucked in her purse!!!! We never even sat down. I suggested to my husband that we should sit in the handicapped section, he went to the ticket office and there was no problem. They even brought us chairs so we could all sit together ( handicapped seat 2 per area).

On Jul 14, 2001

I received another e-mail from Mr. Mullin at the Cincinnati Reds. He received another call from a PA parent and said that he had a new idea. He said that he has secured an open air booth for children with PA and to let him know when we are coming to the ballpark so we can sit there. He also thanked me for opening his eyes to the subject. My fears are gone and now I can look forward to taking my son to a baseball game in Cincinnati without worrying about him having a reaction from all of the peanuts around him. I am sure other teams can make the same accommodation. I am writing him a note of thanks. He is a super nice man!!!

On Jul 19, 2001

While on a grown-ups only vacation (my PA son stayed back home),I went to my first ball game last week at Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs beat the White Sox -- the whole experience was magical. I loved it.

However, I was covered in peanut dust. People all around me were eating peanuts, and when they opened the bags, the particles flew in the air. I had a new woven purse and shoes that I am going to give to a friend rather than bring in my house again, and I washed the clothing that my husband and I were wearing in my mom's washer. My husband thinks I'm paranoid, but my comfort level is pretty low considering how close my son has come to dying. The adjectives hypervigilant and fretful certainly describe me! I don't know if I could ever bring my son into a baseball field, even with good precautions and assistance from management. But I applaud the folks who are willing to accommodate PA baseball fans.

On Jul 23, 2001

I agree with everything that you have said and done. My PA son just does not come to My sixteen year old twins baseball games anymore. It is just too awful. my "friends" just won't quit eating peanuts around my seventeen year old son with the allergy. One of the prominent peanut eaters pet my dog. I gave him a bath just as soon as I could. You are no different from me if that makes you feel any better! Gennie

On Jun 6, 2002

A friend of mine heard on a radio station here in Indianapolis that a regulation was passed that required all sporting arenas and stadiums to provide a peanut free zone. I am trying to find out more information and left a message for the station to call me back. Has anyone else heard anything on this?

On Jun 6, 2002

My husband LOVESS baseball and I like it well enough, but as PA person I get very nervous going to ball games. Would love to see Peanut Free Areas.

We are both Mets fans - they are so disappointing...but we live in Philly, so when the Mets are in town we go - the Phillies don't really pack in the fans these days and they have general admission in the upper deck, so we just sit away from people with Peanuts or move if necessary. I will not go to Shea Stadium - too much risk...makes my hubby sad b/c my parents live in Queens and he would love to go more often.