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Barney Butter - Peanut Free Almond Butter

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Barney Butter is so delicious I can't even explain it!! It is made in a peanut free facitily out of California and comes in both smooth and crunchy varieties. They also have snack packs which are great for a busy parent on the run. By far a superior Almond Butter - the skins are removed before the butter is made so no gritty texture. Being the parent of a peanut allergy child, I am so grateful for companies that produce a product like this and have the understanding of how allergies can effect our lives. It also is so much better for you than so many other products out there. It is now in many grocery stores and natural health food stores but if you can't find it go directly to the web site. You can order there and send a request to your local store to carry the product!


By pnutfreemamma on Mar 31, 2011

I have purchased Barney Butter and it is absolutely awesome!!! My PA son does not eat it, I think he is worried and also has not had a chance to get to like pb or anything like it. My other children and I love it!!!! We can feel like other people and families and enjoy something so similar that neighbors and friends do not notice they are not eating peanut butter. I t really has made a difference in our lives. We have tried other substitutes and this is the best! Thank you,Barney Butter so very much!