Barbara\'s Puffins Cereal


I was curious about the safety of Barbara's Puffins cereal - since they also manufacture a peanut flavored variety of Puffins. I e-mailed the company and got this reply: "Our regular Puffins Cereal is made in a nut-free plant. The Cinnamon and Peanut Butter Puffins are made in a different facility."

------------------ SarahDM

On Feb 21, 2002

I would be careful with Barbara's products. I spoke with them a while ago and they did not seem to be very allergy aware and big chance of cross contamination...

Maybe they have changed their procedures...I would call them and double check to confirm that this cereal is nut free..Stay Safe! Please let us know their response again, thanks!

On Feb 26, 2002

Many of us have received conflicting info from Barbara's (too bad, as they make some great cereals!), so tread carefully!


On Dec 27, 2002

just picked up a box and it looks safe....made in canada, the list of dairy free, kosher, etc etc on it but lots of conflicting comments on barbaras. will return it. oh well. always in search for something new