Barbara\'s Cinnamon Puffins cereal


I was at sprouts over the weekend and the display of these cereals caught my eye. I checked out the Cinnamon one first, thinking my poor son (PA but NOT TNA) needs some more flavor to his foods, and it said clear as day that it made in a peanut free facility but that the facility does use tree nuts. then i saw the peanut butter flavor and freaked for a moment, but it was labeled for containing pn, and processed with tn. the other flavors, original and there was 1 other that i dont recall offhand, were labeled for processed on with pn/tn.

But anyways, the cinnamon flavor seems to be safely pn free. I believe they are also wheat free. the main ingredient was corn meal if i recall correctly. not the best cereal ive ever had, but not the worst! :)

On Mar 10, 2008

Hi, I too have bought this product, as my daughter only has a PA but not TNA...althought I want her avoiding both, i feel safe with this cereal.