banff, jasper recs?


going to banff and jasper soon. will have a kitchen available. but wanted to know if there were any safe places to eat.. peanut, tree nut, sesame, and chick pea allergic. also any safe brands of bread up there?

On Jun 28, 2005

My son is allergic to peanut, treenut and soy. Dempsters Bread in Canada are very good with labelling. Here in Canada I would trust pretty much all brand name for breads and other foods for good, responsible labelling, but not bakery/bulk items or generic/house brand labels.

Enjoy your trip - it's an awesome part of this great country! P.S. We rarely eat out as my son he has a VERY tight comfort zone but the place I felt most comfortable in was The Keg, with a word with the chef ahead of time.

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