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Today I had to buy gift certificates for my graduate assistants, and lo and behold, Bruegger's Bagels gave me 13 free bagels as a perk! I looked up their ingrediants on all the flavors, but then I got concerned about other ingrediants. I know I've read it here before, but I couldn't find the thread with this answer.

Should I be concerned about sesame seeds? Caraway? What about pumpernickel? Can you think of any ingrediants I should raise an alarm about?

I'm dying to sink my teeth into these freebies (and share, of course!). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

On Nov 30, 2000

Put them in the freezer! Seriously, I'm sorry I can't help you with the ingredients, but until someone posts, you'll want them to stay fresh! Bagels freeze well, and you'll want to know they're safe before you dig in. LOTS of bagels have poppy seed and sesame seed contamination, even if they are nut free, so it depends on your allergy. I hope these "freebies" turn out to be safe so you can enjoy them!

On Nov 30, 2000

As long as you aren't allergic to those seeds, you shouldn't have any problems. I think seeds are totally unrelated to peanuts and so you are about as likely as anyone else to be allergic to them. I am allergic to peanuts and hazelnuts, but not allergic to any seeds or other nuts as far as I know. The most likely cross-reactions with peanuts are other legumes like peas and beans.

Hope that helps! Rebekah

On Dec 1, 2000

Thank you, rebekahc and Cayley's Mom. I took both of your advice. First, put them in the freezer. Second, I allowed Nicholas one of the plain ones today. He seemed fine, but my husband is keeping a close eye on him this morning, as his reactions are usually 2-4 hours later. I wasn't sure about the seeds--seems like I would have been warned about them by our pediatrician, but I've learned so much from this board that was never told me that I don't totally trust that.

I have to say, they are GOOD bagels! [img][/img]

On Dec 1, 2000

We have decided to avoid any bagels made in a bagel place which also has varieties with nuts - as most "upscale" bagel places like Brueggers do. We were told by a bagel store owner that not only is there a high chance of cross-contaimination from bagels put in bins which may have previously contained nutted varieties, handlers going from one bin to the next, etc., but also the way many bagels are made is by boiling them - usually in the same pot. So . . . please find out about other nutted varieties in your bagel store. One local place just added "peanut butter and jelly" and "apple walnut" bagels to their selection. Look up my other post on this issue - last month. By the way, Lenders bagels are nut free - even though they are not the freshly made kind. We LOVE bagels -so this is a sacrifice for safety.

Good luck!


On Dec 1, 2000

Michelle2, I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one concerned about different seeds. I know I have banned sunflower seeds (except for bird feeder use) altogether due to cross-contamination issues. And, I'm not clear why the seed issue is there - sesame seeds, poppy seeds, etc. I posted this same thing in a different thread tonight. It's just that I, and obviously you too, somehow equate seeds with nuts. Now, I know with sunflower seeds if you're buying them from a grocery store, I believe they have a high risk of contamination, but these are larger seeds than sesame and poppy seeds so maybe that's why. But, no, I would have raised the same question despite my son not having tested positive to these things and him eating them (although infrequently due to my concern) without reaction. Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Dec 2, 2000

I'm not sure if y'all know it but Lender's makes a 'fresh' bagel, too. They are bigger than the frozen ones and look like they came from a bagel shop. They are good and they are found in the bread aisle.

On Dec 4, 2000

Thanks, all. I'm curious--what would cause sunflower seeds to be cross contaminated? Also, I love the Lender's "fresh" bagels--this is what we usually get.

By the way, these bagels were the most expensive "free" thing ever. I was cutting one yesterday and missed the bagel, sliced my finger to the tune of 5 stitches and a $50 emergency room bill! UGH!

On Dec 4, 2000

Oh no! So sorry about your finger! The reason sunflower seeds are cross-contamination risks is that they are often treated as nuts and are usually processed in nut plants - like Planters. Also, the roasted ones are usually roasted in peanut oil. I've never had problems from sunflower seeds in baked goods, though.


On Dec 5, 2000

Thanks, Rebekah. Finger is doing okay, but I'm a pianist and have to do a concerto performance on it. OW!

Now I understand about the contamination issue. Rebekah, it is so valuable hearing from someone who's been there personally!