Another disappointment today. We have been getting our bagels at a "New York Bagel" franchise in the Chicago area because they had only non-nutted varieties - as opposed to the more upscale bagel places which all make nutted varieties (same cooking and baking equipment, etc.).

My son's preschool teacher had called me a few days ago to warn me that she had been placing a bagel order for the school (which is nut-free) and the owner told her that he was adding an apple-walnut variety to his line. When my husband went to get our Sunday morning bagels, prepared to ask about when this new variety would be added, would it be made separately, etc., he walked in and saw a rack with several new varieties proudly displayed - including PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY! He was so disgusted that he walked out. I do plan to follow up with the owner to discuss the issues (he is losing a pretty big group of PA families and nut-free preschools in our area).

Anyway . . . does anybody know of any nut-free bagel places? How about the packaged bagels like Lenders or Manitowoc? I'll try to make some calls this week - just thought I'd first ask all of you if you have any good bagel news.



On Nov 5, 2000

My son has eaten Lenders for several years. I have not gone further than reading their labels, but I have never had a problem with them. He especially likes the plain and cinnamon raisin.

On Nov 5, 2000

My PA son has also been eating Lenders frozen bagels for years without a problem. *Sigh* I'd give anything for a decent bagel.

On Nov 5, 2000

my daughter safely eats store-bought Thomas's raisen bagels and also their blueberry. No bagels from a bakery/bagel shop though.

On Nov 6, 2000

I have never given Wade any Bagles. Does anyone out there know of any "safe" bagles available in (Ontario) Canada?



On Nov 6, 2000

My daughter has been eating "Thomas's" New York Style Bagels. They are not frozen; you can find them next to the English Muffins.