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I recently posted about the problem with getting non-contaminated fresh bagels (the place we went to recently added a PB&J and a walnut variety to their previously nut-free line).

I did call Lenders and Thomas today about their packaged bagels. Lenders indicated that they use NO NUTS of any kind and they have dedicated lines for their bagels. We tried their cinnamon raisin variety today nad it was delicious. They do make sesame seed and poppy seed varieties, though.

Thomas brand(1-800-356-3314), however, said that their bagels DO have a risk of cross-contamination with other nutted baked goods which are made on the same lines or in the vicinity. The rep. I spoke to said she would NOT recommend their bagels to us. She did confirm that their English Muffins and their Sahara brand pita bread ARE made in nut-free facilities.

I tried Sara Lee and Manitowoc but no call back yet.


On Nov 8, 2000

Thank you Yonit. I think I'm so careful, we've been eating Thomas brand for so long with no problem. Now I feel so bad. I have brought along bagels SO many times so I would always have a "safe" lunch for my child. It makes me aprehensive about feeding her ANYTHING!!! I truly hate this. I suppose we'll try Lenders since she really likes bagels. Thanks for the tip.

On Feb 22, 2004

I know this is an old thread - but I pulled it up to add this information should somebody do a "bagel search" - i also posted under a Pepperidge Farm thread.

I just bought two packages of Pepperidge Farm mini bagels - I'd never seen them before. They were plain and cinnamon/brown sugar. The label actually had "may contain sesame seeds" in bold! I was very glad to see they are starting to label for cross-contamination. I use their breads, although I have not been comfortable with their cookies because I have never seen the allergen labeling on them. Hope the bagel labeling signals a change in the right direction. By the way, for anybody interested, they were also certified Kosher-pareve, which I've never seen on their products. Perhaps these bagels are being produced by another company, like Lenders!?

On Mar 22, 2005

Yonit (or anyone else),

Do you have the number for Lender's? Thought I'd also call to confirm. But having trouble connnecting with them. I called the number at Pinnacle Foods Corp., but you can't get a live person to talk to...

On Mar 24, 2005

I found bags of non-refrigerated Lender's mini-bagels in Stop & Shop. On the plain and raisin bagels there was a wide purple band around the bottom of the packaged that said the bagels are produced in a peanut/tree nut free facility and the ingredients do not contain egg or dairy. I had spoken to a sales rep. (got his phone number from the Grocery Mgr) and he told me their bakery in Illinois (I think) does not contain any allergens (except eggs). My DS is allergic to eggs also, but he has been eating the non-refrigerated kind without any problems. I was so glad to see an "allergy-free" label on such a popular brand.

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On Mar 24, 2005

Does this mean Thomas' English Muffins aren't safe either? Oh Lord, where will it end?!!

They've been a staple in my home for a long time (although recently DS has tired of them and prefers oatmeal in the morning [img][/img] ).


On Apr 8, 2005

Peppridge farm told me that in the future they will be making all their peanut butter crackers in a separate place? lets hope its true. i do use their crackers, cookies and breads.

On May 27, 2005

I have not called Lender's recently (no phone # on their packaging, so I'd need to search) -- but I do have a bag of their refrigerated onion bagels in front of me, and not only does it say "contains wheat" beneath the ingredients, but in a box below, it states "Lender's Bagels are baked in a nut-free environment and this product contains no milk or eggs." We are in Illinois, so maybe this plant is nut-free and others aren't; I know there was some conflicting info posted about Pinnacle Foods recently. Anyway, I'm glad they are labeling this way . . . hope it's a trend.

On May 27, 2005

I know Lender's makes bagels that are in the frozen food section...are these made by pinnacle foods as well? The Lender's bagels I bought were fresh in the bread aisle and made by pinnacle foods.

Thanks! shelley

On Jun 4, 2005

reply i got..... Thank you for taking the time to email us. There is a chance of cross contamination with nuts in our Lender's

On Jun 10, 2005

Well, it looks like Pinnacle Foods isn't really sure what they're talking about...I called them the other day about lenders bagels and they said no nuts or pn, but possible cross contam w/ eggs. Then I emailed them and got this...

Thank you for taking the time to email us. In response to your email, all of our Lender's Bagels are run on a shared line. There is always a chance of cross contamination with tree nuts and peanuts. We do NOT recommend using the product. Contact us again if we can be of assistance in the future.


Robin Diamond Consumer Services Representative

000516732A **END**

So, who do we believe? This is a company that is really not high on my list right now. Melissa

On Jun 13, 2005

I emailed and asked about eggs, dairy, peanuts and treenuts. The response I received didn't mention treenuts but the post above did!? This was the response I received...

Dear Ms. A:

Thank you for taking the time to email us. In response to your email, our Lender's Bagel

On Aug 12, 2005

ok just spoke with desiree victor ans was assured that all lenders bagels and celeste pizza products are made in a peanut and tree nut free plant

not sure how confident i feel about the company though due to the conflicting responses others have received

i was so excited because i saw a bag of Lenders Mini-bagels with "maunfactured in a pn and tn free facility" on the label. it is very rare in the US to see that...

On Aug 14, 2005

could it be possible that the frozen ones arent safe, like frozen aunt jemima products, but the unfrozen ones are safe?? maybe that is what is causing confusion. i just found out that the aunt jemina products not by pinnacle foods are safe. i wish because i love bagels. we use peppridge farm and wonder breads but the peppridge farm bagels say MAY CONTAIN SESAME.

On Aug 14, 2005

x-contaminated. where are u in US? what store did you find the nut free bagels

On Aug 14, 2005

Tinda, I just bought Lenders Bagels yesterday in the frozen section of Shoprite. They have a box printed at the bottom of the ingredient list that states : Lenders bagels are baked in a nut-free enviroment and this product contains no milk or eggs. I live in Monmouth County, NJ. I only found this statement on the plain variety. Good Luck! Lori

On Aug 15, 2005

i bought these yesterday at clemens. do you thinky they mean peanut and tree nut? it doesnt say anything about sesame.

On Aug 15, 2005


Originally posted by tidina: [b]could it be possible that the frozen ones arent safe, ?? [/b]

When I emailed my question regarding Lenders I was requesting info on the fresh, not frozen, variety. I included the UPC. "Lender's Bagel