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Bad reaction, but all tests are negative

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Hi there, I'm new and having a hard time figuring out if I have an allergy or not!

I'm 39 years old and have been allergic to shellfish since I was 20. At the end of August, I developed a food reaction to something I had eaten, having GI symptoms and all over hives. I took a double dose of liquid Benadryl and a Claritin and that stopped the reaction before I needed Epi. Unfortunately I had eaten several different kinds of nuts, including peanuts, in a trail mix within the two hours before the reaction happened.

Initial skin testing was done a week later and all nuts were negative. Allergist wanted to repeat 5 weeks later and again, all skin tests were negative. So she sent out bloodwork and all RAST tests were negative too.

Has anyone had this happen? How did you proceed? Did you turn out to be allergic?

Thanks! MomToThreeBeachBums

By mom1995 on Oct 29, 2013

With all the attention to nut allergies now it is normal to think that was it and logical. But if all tests point to no then it's time to consider it may have been a spice or something else you ate. Go back and think of everything you ate and drank. It may turn out to be something you did not initialy think of.

By on Oct 30, 2013

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