Bad press for food allergic individuals!


I was reading the July issue of Allure magazine (a fashion rag) and came across a feature titled "Beauty and the Beat: A Question of Taste." It is a chart-like feature which basically calls out different topics/things that are in "bad taste" and "good taste" (ie in style and out of style). Under a column labeled Social Disease, I came across Food allergies as being in bad taste!

I was so horrified and insulted by this feature! I have already sent an email expressing my anger and disappointment in the magazine editors as well as the writer, David DeNicolo. Please take a look at this magazine and write the editors expressing your feelings about this as well. My hope is that they get the idea that their ignorance will not be tolerated.

P.S. I have also emailed FAAN, they are sending a letter to the editors of Allure magazine as well!

On Jul 18, 2001

can you please post the email address so I can send an email to them and also the mailing address? Thanks.

I am disgusted.

On Jul 19, 2001

I don't know what their snail mail address it, but their email is: [email][/email]

I too am disgusted

On Jul 25, 2001

I just emailed the magazine telling them that they are the one's in bad taste!

On Jul 27, 2001

I just had to get a word in on this one.

Dear Allure Editor,

Please note that your issue dealing with food allergies as being "in bad taste" was completely irresponsible. I feel that it is much more distasteful to ignore such a critical problem, tell no one, then swell up and die at their dinner party. Now wouldn't you agree.

LC - Long Beach, CA

On Jul 28, 2001

Thanks everyone for all the support!

Kai's mom, your email made me laugh out loud! I hope that Allure DOES realize their mistake on this and prints some kind of apology. We will just have to see!