bad pediatrician!!!!

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I don't mind our Ped, she is nice and usually takes me seriously, what more can you ask for. My 1yr old had her well-baby today and I brought up having a hard time feeding her. She is allergic to milk and eggs, but has had bad GI problems from green beans, spinach, peas, corn, turkey and strawberries. As you can see below, I have other kids allergic to beef and pork, so I have been using alot of turkey lately for cooking, so I don't know what to do there. But my post is about her next comment....try givng her peanut-butter, it's a nice high calorie food. I remind her Jake is allergic though...well give it to her when he's not around!!! I just looked at her, I must have had a nice look on my face but then she said, "well, what did the allergist say to do".....I said "stay away from it until age 5"!!!!! I was just kind of shocked, honestly. My faith in her has been rocked, to put it nicely! I do need to see a nutritionist, I am just at a loss as what to feed my kids. My 1yr old only weighs 17lbs(5%) so she needs some good ol' fattening foods!

------------------ Chanda(mother of 4) Sidney-8 (beef and chocolate, grasses, molds, weeds, guinea pig & asthma) Jake-6 (peanut, all tree nuts, eggs, trees, grasses, weeds, molds, cats, dogs, guinea pig & eczema & asthma) Carson-3 1/2 (milk, soy, egg, beef and pork, cats, dog, guinea pig) Savannah-1 (milk and egg)

On Jan 26, 2007

Not sure what to tell you, as my 1 yo weighed about 18 lb.... and our pediatrician (fresh from a stint as an ER ped in KC.... so not inexperienced) suggested EGG YOLK. And Peanut butter. Thankfully, we had more sense than to listen to the [i]first[/i] bit of advice. Ahem. On the other hand, this is clearly the prelude to the story of how we ended up [i]here...[/i] [img][/img]

He was a [i]good[/i] pediatrician. But IMO, people with a strong genetic predisposition to ANY chronic medical problem probably ought to be managed by a good FAMILY physician. That way, they know ALL of you-- and have a very good "big picture" of what certain otherwise ambiguous symptoms might mean. For example, DD had terrible eczema. TERRIBLE. We even asked about FA because of family Hx. But pediatrician clearly didn't know what to make of family Hx... he was treating our baby, not [i]us.[/i]

To give him credit, he IMMEDIATELY knew what we were dealing with w/r to her PA-- we had a referral to a Minneapolis pediatric allergist within days of her 1st rxn... and suddenly the hospital had a pediatric crash cart, too.

Our current doctor is no "expert" but he doesn't pretend to be, either. He knows enough to recognize that [i]most[/i] of DD's care needs to be run past her allergist. And that the allergic Hx in our family means that he needs to take complaints about atopy fairly seriously from any of us. He refers.

On Jan 26, 2007

My youngest dd was also @17lbs at age one. The pediatrician was worried since she wasn't even on the growth chart. I was still nursing and she wanted me to wean her and give alimentum (she WAS milk and soy allergic and we were avoiding all nuts due to oldest dd's PN &TNA) She even tried to prescibe a medicine used to stimulate her appetite but I did not want to give it to her! She is still a petite little thing but healthy. At age 3 1/2 she is in the bottom 10%, but at least on the growth chart. Our ped has said some crazy things over the years to us too. Good luck- it sounds like you have your hands full!

On Jan 26, 2007

I have found over the years that many pediatricians are good generalists, but they are really not up on current treatments for allergies and asthma.

We see our pediatrician for once yearly well checkups, and pretty much see our allergist for everything else!

Just my experience.

------------------ mom to Ari(6) - severe nut allergies, asthma, you name it - and Maya (9), mild excema

On Jan 26, 2007

Thanks!! The weight issue, doesn't concern me a whole lot, her big sister was also 17.lbs at age 1...and at age 8 she is 75lbs!!!! So she deff caught up and kept going!!! The Ped did suggest mixing in some Olive Oil with her veggies(what veggies she'll touch, only carrots mostly)....but worth a try. Hopefully Olive Oil is okay, I'll read up on it first.

------------------ Chanda(mother of 4) Sidney-8 (beef and chocolate, grasses, molds, weeds, guinea pig & asthma) Jake-6 (peanut, all tree nuts, eggs, trees, grasses, weeds, molds, cats, dogs, guinea pig & eczema & asthma) Carson-3 1/2 (milk, soy, egg, beef and pork, cats, dog, guinea pig) Savannah-1 (milk and egg)

On Jan 26, 2007

my daughter was about 15 pounds at age one -- she was considered failure to thrive at age 7 months - she was also milk allergic. After seeing an endocrinologist to rule out anything serious it was decided it was due to the lack of fat -- so on to see the nutritionist who told me how many calories a day to feed her and gave me some suggestions that worked for our family with a MFA son.

we put butter (soy based) on her rice cakes and olive oil on her pasta plus supplemented with a soy formula -- since i was about to wean her from nursing - we put one scoop of soy formula in a cup of soy milk -- higher calories!!! she gained 1 pound in 3 weeks and was able to make it to 18 pounds at 18 months old now she is a happy healthy 4 year old who has out grown her allergy and weighs about 34 pounds!!!

On Jan 26, 2007

Olive oil is actually what I would have suggested to you for additional fat and calories, given the MFA. [img][/img]

DD used to like homemade corn tortilla chips DIPPED in olive oil.

And breadsticks. DIPPED in olive oil. She still likes olive oil brushed bruschetta. Loves the stuff.

We're all pretty fond of it here-- and we have a ton of FA in our house, too. Olive oil is apparently safe and works for all of us. We go through it by the quart.

On Jan 26, 2007

Thanks Corvallis Mom!!!!

On Jan 28, 2007

I was also going to suggest olive oil. My DD is one and dairy, egg, and soy allergic. We use lots of olive oil and also avocado. It is high in fat and soft , my DD loves it! Good luck, MFA's are SOOO frustrating [img][/img]