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Anyone have experience with Bacos--good or bad?

I knew they weren't real, but I just learned that they're actually made from soy and have no actual bacon in them (I thought they had some). They're Kosher in fact. Although I must say, if I were Jewish and kept Kosher, I seriously doubt I'd eat imitation pork.

But they could serve me well, as DS went vegetarian in November. I wanted to make a baked potato soup tomorrow night, and the recipe mentioned that Bacos are a soy product. So I went online, typed in, and up came Betty Crocker! I learned there they are Kosher. But there is no ingredients list, and their customer service group is not available now.

I'll call them tomorrow, but having not used Bacos, I'd feel more comfortable giving them to DS if I knew others used them without incident.

He's PA. Well, he's slightly allergic to pecans but not at all to walnuts or almonds. But we treat him like he's TNA--unless we shell or know the pecans are safe. He does have a small soy allergy, but we don't have to refrain from soy altogether. We just limit. If he has soy one day, it's limited and we don't have it for a while. This would be for flavor.

So--anyone have any experience with Bacos?

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