babysitters with PA ?

Posted on: Sun, 08/11/2002 - 3:35am
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pI brought this up in the middle of another topic and decided to put it up as a topic on its own./p
pI am thinking of contacting the allergist office to post something about a babysitting coop type of thing with other PA parents in the area. There must be more of us who are afraid to have people sit for our children for obvious reasons of just not fully "getting it." Have others of you tried this? Of course, comfort zones do vary, but I think we might all at least respect ant instructions we give each other, right? /p
pI have seen a couple of people mention that they have found PA of food allergic sitters by chance. Anyone ever try this? Hard for me is building a relationship with the people, because I have a hard time allowing anyone I would not know very well sit for my child or be in my home without me. becca/p

Posted on: Sun, 08/11/2002 - 12:26pm
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My twelve year old daughter has just made her first resume. She has given it to two families with a nut free home so far.
Since she can only babysit in a nut free home she has to get out there and find the families.
She has taken her babysitting course, bronze star in swimming and life saving and she is trained every year on the use of epi-pens and puffers.
She helps out with her three younger siblings all the time.
Tommorrow my children are going to a bible camp and she will take her resume with her since we know this camp has become well known to the allergy families as a safe camp. The allergy family moms provide all the snacks.
I think that she is more mature at 12 than many 16 year olds are. She has had to deal with more and take responsibilities for her life that other children simply do not have to think about.
Two years ago we called a friend who had a 14 year old son with P/TN allergies and he became our children favorite babysitter.

Posted on: Sun, 08/11/2002 - 11:26pm
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The sad thing is there is a gem of a girl in our neighborhood, and she is my occasional "mother's helper", and I am home. I put out a snack for both. She has had tingling in her mouth on a few occasions(not with me), had bloodwork and found to have, "just a mild sensetivity to some tree nuts." This is a quote, and her mother chooses not fill the epi prescription(a nurse, too).
I hoped not for this girl to have any allergy at all, of course! But, was thinking, if it came back positive, I may have the sitter of my dreams in training, *and* a very safe home for her(the latter is true at least)! However, now it is hard for me to teach her something she does not quite get at home. This mom is strongly convinced that she would see gradual changes to indicate a need for an epipen and it just does not happen overnight. I tried on two occasions to teach her otherwise, but she definately was defensive nad not pleased with my direction. I pushed it as far as I could at the time. I hope her dd remains safe. I am also faced with the fact the youngster will get scared if I harp on dd's stuff to much. For now, I just tell her *our* dd is extremely allergic, and could be very, very sick, not just sensetive. Maybe this relationship could work out over time if the family learns more about the allergy. My chemistry with the Mom is just not quite right for me to teach her(though I think she hastened the testing after a conversation with me). I think we are actually too alike in other ways!! This is a classic case of the ped. giving out wrong info, and not getting referred to an allergist BTW. becca

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