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We have never left our kids with anybody but family and my best friend and they dont live near us. So my husband bought us concert tickets for a night out and I found a babysitter through referrals.. got references etc. She came over last week one evening to let the kids get used to her and was very nice. Junior in college, sociology major. The kids took to her and played with her the whole time she was here. Babysat one child with PA before although did not know how to use an epi. I showed her but dont have a trainer to show with. Being that they will be in our house where there are no peanuts I am not too worried but just in case.. Is there anything I am forgetting? I am a nervous wreck.

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On Feb 3, 2005

It sounds like you have everything covered. The one thing I try to stress to my sitter is not to hesitate to call me for any reason. I think sometimes they think you will be upset or think less of them if they call, but I would much rather get a phone call then the alternative.

Go out, have a good time! And relax! [img][/img]

On Feb 3, 2005


Since he's MA probably thought of this, but I'll throw it out there just in case. I leave a list of foods by brand names for the kids to eat.

I organized 1 shelf in the fridge that's just for them and I put out on the counter the non-perishable foods I plan on having them eat. I walk my sitter through the "menu" if you can call it that [img][/img] and show her the foods and where they are.

I go through all this because we have dairy and egg products in the house. I also put foods like regular cheese and butter in a drawer out of sight so no one grabs the wrong thing when preparing meals. My sitter grabbed the butter by accident once and realized it after he'd already started eating...

Have fun going out! I'm sure you guys could use a break!

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On Feb 3, 2005

The few times we have had sitters, even adult friends, we generally leave what food dd is to eat, and have a box of safe snacks. Basically a rubbermaid container in the pantry with anything that is a favorite and safe.

I am not sure how old your children are. But, I try to remind myself that PA is the least likey accident that would happen *in my home.* There are oh so many more accidents that can happen right? So try to relax and realize there are always risks, but the allergy thing should be pretty much under control at your home.

I also have the call for anything rule. No biggie to pick up a phone(might be tough at a concert though. Maybe you can check in at some predetermined point. becca

On Feb 3, 2005

I am very lucky. The girl we get to babysit is PA as well and her mom is a nurse and they live right around the corner. Can definitely say I feel safe when hubby and I go out.


On Feb 3, 2005

This may sound like overkill... but I tell the babysitter to also avoid eating anything with peanut in it BEFORE she comes over. I always think MY house and surroundings are safe...but what the heck are hers like??

Anyway, I never hesistate to ask, what have you eaten today? Does she have candy, etc in purse?

I know how hard it is to enjoy yourself when you are scared. I sure hope you and your hubby will have a great evening.

On Feb 4, 2005


Originally posted by Joesmom: [b]I tell the babysitter to also avoid eating anything with peanut in it BEFORE she comes over. [/b]

I was going to say the [b]same[/b] thing!

We haven't done a babysitter yet, still too scared, but it does make sense that if they are baby-sitting in YOUR home it is the absolute safest environment. Just be absolutely certain she understands to wash and brush teeth before coming over...personally, I'd request no PB that day. She may understand the allergy, but not understand a reaction can occur even if your child doesn't [i]eat[/i] the food.

Have fun at the concert!


On Feb 5, 2005


I just drove my babysitter home. Today was the first time I had someone other then family babysit.

I asked her not to eat peanutbutter before coming over, had her come 45 minutes early to explain how do use the epi-pen, had her try with the epi-pen trainer, went thru emergancy procedures etc. I think I was more stressed about them being home alone, the house was broken into last month and I am still nervous.

In then end, every thing was okay.


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On Feb 5, 2005

It sounds like you have prepared the sitter very well. I do agree with those who said to ask her not to eat anything nutty that day, you can never be too careful.

One thing I have done is on the list with your phone numbers, write down your home address. In an emergency she may forget and it could save a few minutes of confusion.

Have a great time, and relax and enjoy your night out. [img][/img]

On Feb 6, 2005

Thanks for all the replies. We had a great time and the kids did too. My 3 year old gave her a hug when she got there and my seperation anxiety 2 year old did not even cry. They were both exhausted today and had pictures they had drawn and she had drawn to show us. My husband and I saw Doc Watson and loved it and ate cajun food. We made a big deal about her coming over and made cookies that afternoon to share with her etc.. Worked out great for all and I didnt worry too much throughout the evening.

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