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Posted on: Sun, 04/25/1999 - 1:03am
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I was wondering if anyone had problems with their child as an infant. I had such a hard time with skin rashes and hives. Finally carnation good start was good for him. Now he is on milk and he only had two outbreaks of hives lately. Both times it was peanut related food and both times the hives started around his mouth and the last time he kept grapping his neck as if his throat was bothering him. Thank you for any replies.

Posted on: Sun, 04/25/1999 - 7:26am
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Hi Jennifer,
I was must wondering if you have confirmed your childs peanut allergy with your allergist or pediatrician? With the grabbing of the throat, it would seem that this might have indicated a true anaphylactic situation for which the epi-pen should be administered. My sons first and only reaction involved the throat problem along with hives and vomiting. He was administered two doses of epinephrine at the pediatrician's office, as I was not yet aware of the allergy.
Stay Safe, Debbie

Posted on: Tue, 05/04/1999 - 5:04am
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I had major problems w/my son's infanrt formula. He went through so many I couldn't count. At three weeks it was confirmed (by colonoscopy) thet he was allergic to protein. We were at the last formula there was. it was actually used through feeding tubes, but I mixed it and gave it to him in a bottle. It was horrible! Everyone things Nutramagen is bad - that was like a milkshake compared to this stuff! After a few days he rejected that too. Thankfully, as if just for him, the pediatric gastroenteroligist told us about a new formula that just came out. It was called NEOCATE not neocare. IT WORKED!!
It was a Godsend. After 6 months he went on Nutramagen then at a year whole milk. He outgrew the protein allergy. all through infantcy and still now he has excema. it comes and goes. he had terrible cradle cap and was a very "difficult" baby/child. Ihtink it is because he is just so sensitive to things he can't control. I feel he has things that bother him that we don't even think about, such as tags on clothing. Sorry this is so long..The end result is A severe peanut allergy and skin irritations.

Posted on: Tue, 05/04/1999 - 6:54pm
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If it's any consolation, I was one of those excema covered, difficult-to-care-for infants, and while I'll admit to going to the dermatoligist next month, I've pretty much survived.
I was informed by my mother that I was totally intolerant of formulas (39 years ago) and had to be breast fed or else, and also that detergents were a problem - she had to grate mild soap to wash diapers etc.
The detergents are admittedly still a problem, so I'm still grating soap (homemade).

Posted on: Tue, 05/04/1999 - 10:23pm
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After my son had been home from the hospital for 2 days, he had the most awful, red, parched cheeks that you can imagine. I was breastfeeding him at the time. His skin progressively got worse and he had some incredible cradle cap. I then had switched to formula as his skin got progressively worse. For awhile, I blamed all the formulas (and I tried them all). I finally settled on Nutramigen with no real relief for his skin. By this time he had been diagnosed with eczema. For so long, I thought it was the formula but it was not. He is now 4, he still has eczema although it is much improved, and believe it or not, he still gets spots of cradle cap. I have pretty much ruled out food as a cause of this, but the eczema is definitely a part of his "allergic" makeup.

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