aware grocery stores



This week I had an experience that scared me. I was in Jewel (Albertson's or SuperValu to most) and noticed while I was checking out that there was an OPEN jar of peanut butter by the register. SOmeone had broken it while checking out. It had been there for two hours, according to the checkout boy.

I proceeded to come home and throw away everything I bought, because I was so worried about whether or not he had touched any of it, was it on the keys he was pushing, was it on my food?

I was just really shaken up by this and wondered if any of you knew of stores that were more allergy conscious.

On Sep 14, 2008

Unfortuately I can't say that I have seen any. The grocery store I shop at sells bags of peanuts... but I will say all of the nuts are bagged and in the same area...