Avoiding peanuts during pregnancy if non-PA (daughter is PA)

Posted on: Mon, 04/26/2004 - 6:37am
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My 4 year-old daughter is very allergic to peanuts. My OB hasn't even mentioned avoiding nuts now that I'm pregnant again, and she even just prescribed a medication that contains peanut oil. Of course, I didn't know this until I picked up the medication at the pharmacy. Do I need to be hyper-vigilant about avoiding peanuts while I'm pregnant? I can't find any definitive information about the risks of prenatal exposure to potential allergens. Does anyone know anything about this? I'm very confused!

Posted on: Mon, 04/26/2004 - 10:36am
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Congratulations on your pregnancy! My OB did bring it up (I think she remembered from when I had dd), I said my ds has PA, so she didn't go into anything, I don't know what she was going to say.
I have never liked peanuts or any tree nuts for as long as I can remember and so obviously never had any when I was pregnant, yet I still have a PA child.
I wouldn't take medicine w/peanut oil in it, and since you have a PA child already, I would avoid peanuts while pregnant/breastfeeding to be on the safe side.
These are just my opinions, you should probably talk to your dd's allergist and your OB about it.
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Posted on: Mon, 04/26/2004 - 9:24am
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I don't think there is a solid consensus on what to do while you are pregnant to prevent your children from being allergic, but I do know that I wouldn't take medicine with peanut oil with a PA child in the house. (Are these your prenatal vitamins? I ran into some that I bought without reading the label and didn't realize until I got them home that they had peanut oil. Luckily I had a friend who was pregnant at the same time and I handed them over to her.)
In terms of what else to do, I can only give you my opinion that with one child already allergic to peanuts, I would avoid peanuts and nut products while pregnant. I think there is a recent thread somewhere about research that concluded that this didn't make a difference (and I will try to find that and raise it for you), but I figure, every little action can help.

Posted on: Mon, 04/26/2004 - 11:57am
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Thanks so much for the information. Unfortunately, the medication is a hormone that I need to take because my OB is concerned that my progesterone level is possibly too low to maintain my pregnancy. I guess I'm just wondering how pushy I need to be about finding an alternative and, if there isn't an alternative, how panicked I need to be. If you can find the previous posts, let me know - I'd really appreciate it! Thanks again.

Posted on: Tue, 04/27/2004 - 2:00am
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Here it is, in the Media thread.
As to your medicine, I would check with your doctor to see if there is an alternative. But if there isn't, this is something your doctor has decided is important to your health, so you should certainly not have any qualms about taking it. (And now I'm wondering if I need to check the ingredients on my BCP's to see if they are manufactured with peanut oil. I never even thought about it.)
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Posted on: Tue, 04/27/2004 - 12:21pm
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My 2 1/2 year old son is PA/TNA. I am now pregnant with my 2nd child. His allergist told me to avoid peanuts and tree nuts entirely and he said there is also a debate out there now that says that mothers of allergic children should also avoid milk and egg products. I haven't been doing that but I have been avoiding nuts - which I do anyway b/c of my son. Anyway, when I asked my OB they basically told me that it's their job to get me through the pregnancy safely and that food allergies among my children are not their concern. A nurse told me this, not my doctor. I was not very happy with her response but I will ask my dr when I see him/her next.

Posted on: Wed, 04/28/2004 - 7:39am
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I was advised by my dd's allergist to avoid PN/nuts/shellfish in my third trimester and while breastfeeding and then for my son to avoid them unitl 5 years of age. Interrestingly, dd is egg allergic and he was testing her for that on this particular visit, and he did not say to avoid eggs.
There are some other threads on this, if you do a search. I will try to raise the one I started when I became pregnant this time last year.
Congratulations!! Do you have a January due date? My son arrived Jan. 6th.
WRT the med with peanut oil. I believe it would be a highly purified oil for pharmaceutical use, but you could ask for an alternative. However, you obviously know you would have to weigh the risk and benefit of exposure to protein(unlikely) against the benefit to your prenatal health and maintaining the pregnancy. Best of luck. becca
editing to add that I found and raised last year's thread on this subject on the mani discussion board. becca
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Posted on: Thu, 04/29/2004 - 10:07am
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Thanks again for all the help. I agree that it's probably really refined peanut oil and therefore not much of an allergen risk, but I'm speaking with my daughter's allergist tomorrow. He's out of town and my OB has said there is no good alternative that's safe in pregnancy. For now, I'm just waiting and hoping for the best.

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