Avoiding peanuts during pregnancy

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Hi everyone! I have a 2 year old son with peanut, egg, and sesame allergies. I was told to avoid peanuts while nursing, which I did. I recently weaned my son and I am currently 17 weeks pregnant with baby #2! My sons allergist advised me not to consume peanuts during this pregnancy. What do you guys think about that? And what about tree nuts?? Should I avoid those as well? On a side note Im a strict vegan and have been for several years, and I find it strange my son has an egg allergy since I never consumed any products containing egg during pregnancy or while nursing. Hmmmm........ I would love to hear your input on this guys : )

By cmvervais on Apr 5, 2010

I don't know, from everything I've read, they still aren't sure whether exposure in the womb means anything. Some articles I've read say the opposite, to expose them early. But with that said, I ate a TON of nuts while I was pregnant. My daughter is severely allergic, and I don't think I'd be comfortable eating a lot of nuts in my next pregnancy.

I guess I would just follow the advice of your allergist since there really isn't definitive science on it.

By hfraser on Apr 6, 2010

Please look at the LEAP study http://www.leapstudy.co.uk/ -- this study is attempting to answer the questions you have raised. After recommending to pregnant and nursing mothers to avoid peanuts (UK, US) in 1998, doctors rescinded this advice and thought that perhaps exposure early to peanuts resulted in tolerance. http://www.peanutallergyepidemic.com/timeline.html


By barbfeick on Apr 15, 2010

Mothers have been nursing their babies for eons. It is only in "developed" countries that there are food allergies.

Your son did not get his food allergies from the food you fed him.

Vaccinations cause food allergies. There is sesame, peanut, and egg protein in vaccines. Injecting food protein into animals causes a severe food allergy. Every food known to man is used to produce vaccines. It is only the final culture that is supposed to be "clear" and that is the only one that appears on the package insert for pharmaceuticals. Highly refined oils are considered GRAS "generally recognized as safe" and can be used in ALL pharmaceuticals and they do not have to be listed as an ingredient. These oils can be mixed together and used as a diluent in vaccines.

By Adrinonuts on Apr 18, 2010

I don't even like nuts, so I don't eat them and my daughter is a level 5+. I don't feel the two even go hand in hand. But I wouldn't test the waters on it either now that I have a PA child.