my sons preschool is going to make these on pajama day on tuesday. they are by Quaker oats. i trust that company. i do not trust the frozen kind from pinnacle. anyone use these? we ususally use bisquick.

On Jan 26, 2006

We use this often. DD is PA, and DS is TNA. Never any problems!!

On Jan 27, 2006

Yes, we use AJ complete (just add water) pancake mix, just about every Saturday! No problems here either. Love 'em with chocolate chips!

On Jan 28, 2006

Regarding pancake mixes.....Last year we went to a pancake breakfast and they were using the SYSCO brand mix. SYSCO is a large food service distributor that supplies lots of schools and restaurants. The mix had a cross-contaminmation warning for peanuts & nuts, so we had to leave.

On Jan 28, 2006

I used the Aunt Jemima mix yesterday. The Quaker Oats people were great when I called about it.

On Jan 28, 2006

We use the mix every weekend, have for a few years. No problems here [img][/img]

On Jan 28, 2006

Tidina, I don't use this mix--DH makes pancakes from scratch, and it seems as fast as a mix would--but I have strange request. All caps is really hard to read, and when several threads are in all caps they are right now in this board, it makes the entire page difficult to read. And the threads look like they're screaming at me, which is what all caps usually indicates in email--that the all caps user is shouting at the recipient. When I see all caps here, I think "alert!!!!" Would you mind not using them? I know this sounds odd and I don't mean anything personal by this request (so please don't take it personally [img][/img] ), but it would really help. Thanks!

On Jan 28, 2006

Anyone have a eggless pancake receipe.

Just about impossible to use a mfg. brand pancake seems they all contain egg.

On Jan 29, 2006

found one on this site. if you do a pancake mix search. sounds easy with stuff around the house. also bisquick with oil is ok but they come flat. or with just the milk and no oil. someone on here mentioned baking powder i think makes them fluffy??

On Jan 29, 2006


Are you in the US? or Canada?

My son is E&P allergic & we use Bisquik I just follow the recipe (leaving out the egg) I add a little bit of baking powder (maybe a tsp) & a bit more liquid (milk or water)until I like the consistancy

We love them! in fact had waffles this morning (same recipe)

In Canada there is a NoName pancake mix with no egg & I believe Aunt Jemima has an egg free one in Canada also....They are egg free but call for the egg in the recipe...Again I just use the baking powder & extra milk

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On Jan 29, 2006

YOU mean all caps in the title? i think titles should be in caps. shouting is when you are talking online not when using a title but ill try to stop

On Jan 31, 2006

heres a recipe that toomanynuts posted. hope you dont mind me copying it. if you have milk allergy also you could use apple juice instead of milk. tastes yummy.

1 cup of flour 2 tablespoons of sugar 2 teaspoons of baking powder 1 teaspoon of cinnamon 1 cup of milk 2 tablespoons of olive oil or butter 1 teaspoon of vanilla

Mix well then let set for a few minutes it will thicken up. If to thick just add a little milk if to thin just add a little flour. They come out really yummy.