Audrey\'s first reaction

Posted on: Thu, 09/05/2002 - 1:19pm
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pI guess it was inevitable, that my other baby would eventually have a reaction. I have one dd allergic to peanut and egg - odds are her identical twin sister would eventually react to something sometime! Even when you are prepared, though, you are never /
Yesterday, the twins go home with my parents for a visit - upon arrival, they go outside to play with my dad. Within minutes, my dad is yelling to my mom to come quick. Audrey's face starts breaking out in welps, her eyes turn bright red, her face swells and her eyes start to swell shut. (My mother did make sure that she had not mixed them up!) They rushed her to their family doc and she was treated immediately with shots of Benadryl and Depo Medrol. The doctor warns her that if she is exposed again, the reaction could be worse. The thing is, we aren't sure what it is!br /
I have a theory - pecans have begun to fall in their back yard. Squirrels break them open, eat them, and drop the shells to the ground. Both the girls played with the pecan shells - so did my parent's /
Today, Lillian started to swell and break out, but at a much slower pace. They had not been outside since, but the puppy had licked and played with them after being outside. (They have been around many dogs and had no problems.)br /
Audrey is scheduled for testing in a couple of weeks, so we will know for sure /
Audrey's reaction was far worse than the contact reactions Lillian had with peanut and /
Man, this allergy stuff is SCARY!br /
Bethbr /
Audrey and Lillian, 21 monthsbr /
(peanut, egg, soy, tree nuts?)/p

Posted on: Sat, 09/07/2002 - 12:30pm
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How scary for you! I hope that all is well with BOTH of your dd's by now. Please keep us posted and let us know how Audrey's allergy tests come out. We have pn and tree nuts here, but not egg, thankfully. I am waiting for the day my younger ds reacts. He is like my older in many ways. Good Luck! Kristi


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