attended parents forum at school this week

Posted on: Fri, 07/05/2002 - 6:52am
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phello, over here in the uk we will not see the end of term until the 23 of /
Our school has a meeting once a term with a rep from the school governers, an elected parent for each class and the head /
I asked one of the parent reps to ask me along to the meeting to talk nuts!!!br /
The meeting went very well, explained again about cross contamination and the problem with packed lunches and other children A) handleing williams food, B) not touching william after eating. etc etc etc sigh etc !!!br /
The next day head teacher put a notice in the school newsletter reminding parents not to bring in food for lunch or break time that contains nuts as even the packaging can cause a /
I was very happy with this.....( can you sense a but coming up folks?)br /
this week there was a gas leak in the school kitchen ,so all children had to have a packed lunch provided by their /
sadly the school for some reason put all the children in the school hall to eat their packed lunches on the school floor. (dont ask me why, but i intend to find out!!)br /
William complained that another child scattered his crisps over the floor. !!!/p
pOn a plus side I have been asked to help out with arranging a time in which to educate the teachers and school meal supervisors and I am only to pleased to help. Of course all teachers must volunteer to be trained in the use of epi-pens and thankfully most do, however prevention of an allergic reaction needs to be reinforced constantly it seems . As this is harder for others who dont live with allergy to /
Sadly , I also had to change one of the out of date epi-pens for a new one in the school class room. It took me 10 mins to find it , hardly reassuring. I found that i couldnt cope with asking the agency teacher if she new where it was, I think I already new that she /
So back to the head teacher i will go and tactfully point out that we still have a few problems /
care plan or not this seems to be a never ending game of me checking up on them and still catching them out, then being asked to trust them!!!br /
I am longing for the school to break up and get away from the constant nagging in the back of my mind. I just would like to have the allergy problem crossed off my "Worry about the children" list .br /
But of course I have to remind myself that every day is a allergy day for /
from a feeling sorry for herself williamsmummy.....any one for a kit kat and a cup of tea? sigh......or maybe a nice glass of wine? Oh, sod it! 3 kit kats , three jaffa cakes , and a shot of whiskey!!!!! Thank goodness its friday!!/p

Posted on: Fri, 07/05/2002 - 11:39pm
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Being hooked on Coronation Street means that I know what you are talking about when you say "crisps", (across the ocean we say 'chips'.)
Well at least it sounds like things are slowly improving for William at school. That's something.
Do the schools in England let out for the summer like those in North America?

Posted on: Sat, 07/06/2002 - 8:54pm
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my kids will have six weeks off school before starting autum term on the 3rd of sept.
Not a great deal of time , children will have lots of homework to do.
Have been watching coranation street again lately as one of my favourite actreses has joined the cast ( maureen lipman) as lilian the new rovers return manager.
I am looking forward to not worrying about william at school for a while and trying to pack for six to go on holiday to france!!!

Posted on: Sun, 07/07/2002 - 12:06am
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Hi williamsmummy,
Enjoy your holiday in France. How nice!
It is a nice feeling not having my son in school over the summer. It is a great stress relief!
Do your schools give out homework over the summer? (If so, I'm lookin' better and better since I make mine just do book reports) [img][/img]
Anyway, have fun on your vacation.
Stay Safe.

Posted on: Sun, 07/07/2002 - 3:56am
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yes , they do give them homework.
This year my 6 yr old is doing a project on countries. The choice being England, spain or America!!!! ( hmmm now where to start with a 6 yr old!!!!)
My 9 yr old has to study landmarks of the world. The choice being, the great wall of china, the angel of the north, the tower of london, or the grand cnayon.
The 10 yr old has to study the commonwealth games.
So , the 6 weeks will certainly fly by , this year I am trying to count myself lucky that only 3 out of my four children have homework. Come jan 03 the youngest will be starting school ( she will be 4 years 6 months in jan) come the summer break I will have to help four children with there projects!!!
The head teacher thinks that these projects are such fun for the children !!!! ha ! no fun for me at all, if its the childrens homework it is also mine !!!!!

Posted on: Tue, 07/09/2002 - 8:53am
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Wow, williamsmummy,
That is ALOT of work...and over the summer, no less! You are absolutely right...the homework is not just for the kids, it's for the parents too. (Or should I say for the *Mother*) LOL!
Interesting choices though for the reports! Thank goodness for the internet. :-)
Have a wonderful vacation!
Stay Safe.

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