Atrovent contraindications


I'm new to this board. I was wondering if anyone was familiar with Atrovent being used with PA hx. It is contraindicated on the nursing drug reference w/ PA and soybean allergic individuals. My son's allergist said not to worry, but I'm tempted to put it on his medic alert because not many people in the medical field know of this (I know I work in the medical field) I know many PA individuals also have asthma and was curious if anybody had any reactions or experience with this. Thanks.

On Mar 16, 2004

I once brought my son to a pulmonary specialist. I accidentally came across the information about Atrovent and I told the specialist. He had not known.

If they say avoid Atrovent then I would recommend you avoid Atrovent. If a doctor suggests using it then you can ask him to recommend something similar. There are thousands of drugs out there that all do the same things, why take a risk.


On Mar 16, 2004

We added "atrovent" on DD's medic alert bracelet a while back (just in case, as some atrovent is safe and others weren't safe), along with the PA and other known anaphylatic drug allergies and asthma she had.

After two asthmatic episodes landed us in hospital last year - both times "atrovent" was the first thing the respirologists reached for - I asked them to find alternatives, which they did.

Upon a most recent asthmatic episode (the asthma we thought we had "outgrown" -apparently not entirely) requiring emergency response, the on-duty hospital respirologist commended us for having "atrovent" listed on the medic alert - she stated part of her (US based) training included this drug not be administered to "children" or "those with PA" - she also commented that every hospital in Canada that she'd worked at had not realized the implications on "children" and "PA individuals".

Whether it's a safe drug now or not, (the contraversy continues, as do the statement of it being unsafe on the PDR website) we have found there are suitable alternatives for emergency intervention for serious asthmatic episodes that we're opting not to use this drug.