At What Age Did Your PA Child Start Drinking Milk? What Percentage?

Posted on: Tue, 01/30/2001 - 11:52pm
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pFirst of all, I'd like to apologize to all of the parents who have children who are allergic to milk and milk products. I don't want this question to offend or hurt you in the least./p
pAt what age did you PA child stop drinking formula or breast milk and start drinking cow's milk (or another kind)? Also, if it was cow's milk, what percentage was it?/p
pMy PA son, he was EXACTLY one year to the day when he started drinking cow's milk. I believed it was the "proper" thing for him to drink Homo milk only./p
pMy Non-PA daughter, she was three weeks shy of one year old when she started drinking cow's milk. Also, she began with Homo milk but I believe she VERY quickly got switched to 2%./p
pBest wishes! [img][/img]/p

Posted on: Wed, 01/31/2001 - 12:32am
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Cindy - I don't understand the % thing, mind you, there's so many differences between our cultures that it doesn't suprise me how much I don't understand sometimes!
I started Eva at approx 1 year also, she may have been a little over.

Posted on: Wed, 01/31/2001 - 1:25am
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Both my kids were switched to whole milk at approximately 1 year old. Very soon after that we went to 2%.

Posted on: Wed, 01/31/2001 - 3:00am
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I breastfed my first son (for some reason I couldn't pump) until he was 13 months old. Since I couldn't pump, I started training him on a sippy cup (because he would never take a botter or pacifier for that matter--and believe me I desperately tried to get him to take the pacifier) at 7 months old with water of course, then to juice (watered down). He is 26 months old now and to this day he still won't really drink milk (1%) (my kids do not need the additional fat in 2% milk). He's not allergic to it. He will drink it if I am persistent with him. He just prefers juice. So we buy everything that has calcium in it to make sure he gets enough calcium since he doesn't truly drink milk right now...crackers, juice, orange juice, cheese (which he absolutely LOVES), yogurt, etc.
We decided to get pregnant when my first son turned 1. I must be very fertile because it only took one take (if you will). I got pregnant 1 day before he turned 1. I weaned him 1 month later due to my pregnancy. My second son (almost 6 months) is still breastfeeding (still unable to pump). I will probably do the same as I did with my first son (since I'm not giving him a bottle or pacifier--he can calm himself much better than the 1st one did) but hopefully this one will drink milk. I will probably nurse him until he doesn't want to nurse anymore.

Posted on: Wed, 01/31/2001 - 4:10am
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Matt started off with 2% (the only kind my hubby will buy) when I discontinued using the formula. He was just shy of being 9mo. He never has really liked it though. He used to drink it only if I put chocolate in it, but now I have to use strawberry or vanilla and sugar to get him to drink it, since I now know he is allergic to chocolate.

Posted on: Wed, 01/31/2001 - 4:33am
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Anonymous (not verified)

Gwen, sorry, we have different percentages of fat, I guess in our milk. We have HOMO milk which is the thickest and I guess fattiest.
Then there's 2% which is what I buy now (the HOMO is too thick for my tea). Then there's 1%. And Skim. Not clear what the difference between 1% and Skim is. But, I do believe it all has something to do with fat and that was why I changed my daughter from HOMO to 2% because she didn't need the extra fat from the HOMO.
Best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Wed, 01/31/2001 - 5:07am
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We tried to start our son on milk at 1 year. He had a sensitivity to it, so we put him on formula for a few months. He has always had skim milk - he's always been in the 95th and above percentile for his size, and his Ped. said skim wouldn't hurt him. I have a SIL who tells me constantly that he should be drinking whole milk, something about kids' brains needing the fat (????). He seems perfectly fine to me!
Our younger son (not PA) drinks whole milk because he's in the 10th percentile for his size. He's been on milk since 1 year old.

Posted on: Wed, 01/31/2001 - 5:59am
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Evan started drinking whole milk when he was 12 months. When he turned two, we switched to 2%.
Owen started milk at the same age, but we thought he had a milk allergy since he was constantly congested and had chronic ear infections. We switched him to soy milk until he was 18 months when he started to get ear infections again even though he wasn't drinking milk. At that time, I switched him back to 2% and he's been fine.
Both of my boys love milk.

Posted on: Wed, 01/31/2001 - 10:09am
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Ben started on tiny amounts of whole cow's milk at 6 months old--out of a cup, so it wasn't very much. I got bad advice from the doctor, and foolishly didn't question it. I still blame that for a lot of his problems. I took him off cow's milk at about age 3 1/2 and switched to rice milk.
Eliza started on rice milk probably around a year. She's never had cow's milk except in cooking.

Posted on: Wed, 01/31/2001 - 4:04pm
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Logan and Lauren both started milk around their first birthdays. They are 4 and 2 now but still drink whole milk (3% milk fat). Even though Logan's allergic to milk he drinks it because he's less allergic to that than other stuff.
E-mom - have you tried the Avent Isis pump? I never could pump with Logan but with Lauren I got the Avent pump and it worked great. Unfortunately, I had to pour all my pumped milk down the drain because Lauren wouldn't take a bottle at all!

Posted on: Wed, 01/31/2001 - 11:44pm
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I haven't tried that pump. I guess I'm a little nervous since I last tried to pump because it took me 45 agonizing minutes (I know) to get 1 ounce into the bottle--so not worth it and after all that he refused to take the bottle so, like you, I had to throw it down the drain--ugh!


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