asthma...visit to ER

Posted on: Thu, 12/08/2005 - 9:34pm
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So, last night my 9 yr old DS (pa) was having a lot of problems with his wheezing and coughing. I got my husband to take him to emerg. last night, even tho' I had an appointment today at the drs. I just knew he wasn't doing that well. Well, they ended up admitting him and giving him ventolin masks every hour or so, & prednisone....still his oxygen levels were low. (when he got there his oxygen levels were 72)

I, of course, have been awake worrying all night. I couldn't go over to be with him because of the other kids (guilt...guilt...guilt!!). And, now I'm supposed to work tonite!

I am just waiting for my husband to call and (hopefully) say they are coming home.

I hate all of this and I'm so tired.....of everything. (I know, I know, it could be sooo much worse...I just hate seeing him like this and he never complains!! Which also makes it very hard to know when he is really sick-everytime I take him to the hospital the doctors think he's not bad until they examine him and see his breathing and oxygen levels for themselves!)

Sorry, this is a bit confusing but as I said I am a little tired.

I should go and get the other rugrats ready for school.

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