Asthma connected w/ PA

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I've been reading more information and read about a asthma pill on this sight, is asthma connected with PA? I have a 2 yr old son and have not been aware of signs or anything that he has asthmsa. Should I be concerned that he may have asthma since he's PA? Would asthma show up when he gets older? Thanks for feedback for a Mom with a lot of questions.

On Aug 25, 2001

Some people report here that their children have both asthma and PA. My child appears only to have peanut-allergy induced asthma at this time. Since avoiding peanuts for almost two years, he's had no asthma attacks. However, this doesn't seem to be the norm, nor does it seem to be an exception. I know it's not really a very good answer, but other threads have more info on this subject.